How Mobile AI Enhances User Experience?

Robot humanoid using tablet computer for big data analytic using AI thinking brain , artificial intelligence and machine learning process for the 4th fourth industrial revolution . 3D rendering.

Mobile AI is a project by Microsoft to develop artificial intelligence that can perform several tasks without being on the same PC as its creators, much like the human brain does.

By using Mobile AI, it’ll be easier for a computer to learn new tasks. This will allow computers to be able to think independently and create their applications. As more computers gain the ability to think independently, new jobs will likely open up for people who are familiar with these computers and their work.

1. Uses Bookmarks

If you’re interacting with the app, you can automate many functions instead of doing them over again. For example, if it allows the user to create your bookmarks or tags on the page, you can save time.

With such, you won’t have to use a series of buttons or a search function to open what you’re looking for.

2. Keeps Apps Active

Also, you can keep the app open and active. If you want to be on the page, the mobile AI can use the application and keep themselves up to date with the latest information, images, and videos.

Thus, the app won’t close itself when you don’t want it to.

3. Allows Accessing More Apps

With mobile AI, you can explore more than one app. For example, you may want to explore the current location by clicking on the map button. It might also be possible to go to a spot on the map using a different service such as Google Maps or Waze.

This allows you to find the best way to get to a specific destination without closing the other apps.

4. Provides Relevant Information

Also, a good mobile AI can provide you relevant information according to your needs and likes. For instance, if you read an article or blog post about the latest trend in the digital world, mobile AI will give you more information about what you’ve read.

So when you’re browsing, articles or products related to your previous searches will appear.

5. Works Get Done

As for other users, like medical or engineering professionals, they can use mobile AI to perform their tasks. Instead of wasting their time doing administrative works like documenting and recording their tasks, mobile AI can do these for them.

Then, they can use their time to focus on more important tasks.


The goal of Mobile AI is to enable computers to perform more than one task at the same time. It would be like a computer that can answer questions, play music, read documents, and email emails.

Mobile AI applies to various applications such as software engineers building applications for medical professionals to do their job more efficiently. The developers are also making it possible for a computer to think and perform at the same level as a human being, and how this will affect the future.

As a mobile AI user, you can get more than one benefit from it. From your phone to your PC, mobile AI can enhance your user experience. Thus, you can use mobile AI to make your life easier.