Google is already making waves because of its multiple innovations. Aside from its various AI projects courtesy of its Deep Mind team, the tech giant is also preparing a new smartphone. New leaks also suggest, confirm, and expand on some rumors.

The Pixel 2 is the smaller variant of the Pixel XL 2, both of which were the much awaited phones in the lineup of the tech giant’s new products. The new leaks came courtesy of 9to5Google, which adds a fresh look to the devices after previous leaks in previous days.

The new leaks appear to confirm the laser detect autofocus feature of the device, something that has been teased since. The two dots below the flash appear to be the sensors for the said feature. It appears talking will also be a breeze thanks to a microphone found just on top of the Pixel 2, in the form of a hole.

The devices will also have some degree of waterproofing, as some leaks indicate an IP68 rating. Aside from its supposed “always on” ambient display option, there might also be improvement on the phone’s low light performance.

To recall, a poster in GSMArena shared what appears to be images of a developer model of Pixel 2. The images confirm previous reports that the glass of the new phone is much curvier, and there are now a pair of LEDs beside the front camera. The function of both LEDs are, however, still unknown.

Surprisingly, there’s also an absence of a headphone jack in the model. This can be the source of much dismay to fans, which can be the same disappointment after the latest iPhone 7 didn’t have a 3.5mm jack of its own.

Aside from these, perhaps the most technical leaks could date way back in June. It appears the Pixel 2 will be smaller than the original Pixel releases, as it will have a 4.97 inch display. Its total resolution would be 1920 x 1080. The phone is also rumored to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Despite the size, however, the Pixel 2 packs a RAM of 4GB, and a storage option of 64GB.

The Pixel XL may also have similar specs. Google has yet to reveal a release date for the devices, but they are rumored to be cheaper than the original Pixel line.