Tech enthusiasts will understand the value of making sure everything in your account is secure. After all, hackers can easily access computers and other devices when users are neglectful of their security habits. This is why Google’s stepping up in the zone for improved security measures.

As per Bloomberg, one can remember that two-factor authentication is actually Google’s most recommended way of protecting their digital accounts.

This means users will have to not only log in their e-mail addresses and their password, but there’s also a special code that will be sent to their mobile phones. This is the only way for you to access new computers.

This means if your password is by any chance compromised, you’re still one step ahead of malevolent parties.

But Google is coming up with better ways to protect your device. This is something announced as the Advanced Protection Program. This utilizes actual physical keys that you can use to access your Google accounts instead of just having codes.

Of course this is not new, given you can actually use a flash disk to gain access to your account by proving who you are. However, its Advanced Protection Program now has new features such as limiting third party plug-ins that you can actually access.

As to who gets these updates now, Google can only tell. It’s not exactly clear if everyone is capable of switching to the new Advanced Protection Program any time soon. This is because Google is now marketing this product first towards politicians and executives.

Of course, given how digital security has to cope with the increasing number of cybersecurity mishaps happening globally, Google might extend their means of protection to others soon as well.