Google Releases New Ad Labels


This week, Google began rolling out their new ad label for their AdWords ads. This new label now features a green outlined ad instead of the boxed green ad with white writing. While there’s no real significant difference in the both ad labels, some people have suggested that the change in the colour of the ad box is to drive more conversions because it’s less noticeable.

It was noted by Google that the new ad label would be more legible and will help to continue to make it much easier for people to scan search results with clear indication of ad labelling. This new ad roll out was first reported on Jan 24th in the UK and since then has been taking over other countries. So, if your labels are still green take note on when the changes occur.

Here’s the old version


Here’s the new version


Google is renowned for its continuous testing of its features in order to bring the most user-friendly experience for searchers. Whatever the reason for the new ad design change, it does seem to be less noticeable overall when bringing up search results.