Google Pixel C: A Product Review

Google is not letting anyone stop it in its arrival in the gadget scene, and with the stunning reception of its Pixel brand of phones, we all know Google is preparing for more surprises. Its newest Google Pixel C is quite a unique device in on itself, as Google releases a tablet outfitted with a classy exterior and packing quite the powerful punch thanks to its Android build.

Google’s Very Own

The Pixel C is a surprise from Google, given it’s already collaborated with other brands like HTC and Asus to create tablets. This is the first time Google’s ever made its own tablet, and it doesn’t fail to impress.

The Pros: The Tablet to Replace Your iPad

The Google Pixel C itself is slim, and it has a stunning yet very compact build out of aluminum that can have eyes looking at it everywhere.

  • If you want to type in the tablet properly, you can also purchase its optional accessory keyboard.
  • The Bluetooth connection is powerfully efficient, and it has a long-lasting battery that continues to impress.
  • The keyboard can also serve as a cover that can protect your tablet, and its aluminum-based build also makes it extremely sturdy and stylish. The connection between the keyboard and the tablet is only magnetic, but it’s incredibly strong.

For a $500 starting price, the tablet already has a sleek and classy design. On top of this fast performance, powerful battery, and amazing screen, it definitely is a good price to pay for these many features.

  • The screen itself is delightful as it continues to be colorful, sharp, and extremely bright.

This is also because of its rather powerful specs. It has an Nvidia Tegra X1 processor that easily outdoes competitors if we’re talking about games.

  • Graphics can be crisp and sharp, and can easily distract you thanks to the sheer beauty of the surroundings.

The Pixel C’s all-around speakers are powerful and decent, which is a huge contrast to tablets that often have speakers as part of their major setbacks.

In fact, one might say it can rival the Surface 3 and the iPad Air 2 which, while these products are already around one to two generations older, makes the Google Pixel C already a powerful device despite its rather young age.

The Cons: Pixel C is Powerful But Heavy

Unfortunately, the Google Pixel C does compensate its numerous features with quite the slightly heavy build. This adds up when you add the optional keyboard, which makes it rather bulky for a tablet.

  • The keyboard also does tend to be a bit jittery, as its keys are somewhat in an uncomfortably short distance with one another.
  • Given its Bluetooth nature, it wouldn’t help for the keyboard to have a few lapses every now and then, so be careful with typing.

Interestingly, you may want to avoid playing big name games in the Pixel C, as there is a tendency for games to be released in the iOS App Store first. Performance-wise, however, the games are still decent and playable.


Despite the Google Pixel C and its size, it’s proven to be a strong competitor to other leading brands in the market. Google has definitely outdone itself with this release, as it obviously isn’t simply your “ordinary” device. It has Google’s brand of uniqueness and sensible style, opting for a more plain yet classy appearance, compared to other brands’ preference of flair.

Thanks to its original Android architecture, the Google Pixel C has become a strong presence in the tablet market. It may not be at the top, but it’s proving to be quite the capable competition.