Google Pixel

When you think of ear buds, you think of buds that would allow you listen music or take calls. Google knows this and takes the concept yet another step further. What if you had buds that support live instant translation? This is the goal of the Google Pixel Buds, and it stunned everyone in its reveal.

Google Pixel Buds is part of the new product line of Google that was released in its special event. If you think Google Pixel phones were the only ones to wait for, you’re wrong. Google’s newest buds is a first when it comes to its premium wireless headphones.

Pixel Buds: Live Instant Translation

The Google Pixel Buds work best when paired with the Google Pixel 2. According to The Verge, this allows the Pixel Buds to tap into the power of Google Assistant, the tech company’s AI voice-activated system.

It appears the Pixel Buds can support up to a whopping 40 languages. In fact, Google Assistant can even help users by sending notifications, texts, and even directions. The fabled translation feature is activated when the users says, “Help me speak (language).”

Google’s Juston Payne said the controls, including volume, are located in the right bud. Payne, the product manager, said the pair of devices are powered through machine learning. This is like having your very own translator – and a digital one as well.

Payne and another employee demonstrated a conversation between two languages. There’s someone speaking in Swedish, and the other responds in English. Interestingly, the employee who was speaking Swedish had the buds and the new phone. When spoken to, the earbuds actually translates the phrase. The Swedish employee then talks back in Swedish via the earbud, and Google Assistant translates this. In turn, the English speaker hears this through his own earbuds.

Of course, the technology isn’t perfect yet. However, it appears a lot of investors are banking on the success of the devices in the next few years. After all, if these new devices can truly translate languages seamlessly, then we may perhaps finally conquer language barriers.