If you think Google Pixel 2 XL has an “odd” screen, you’re not technically wrong. Smartphone enthusiasts and tech experts have been noticing quite a screen problem with Google’s new smart device. If you saw what appears to be a screen burn in, you’re right.

According to Android Central, there’s something that is called a screen burn in that occurs in some Pixel 2 XL devices. This happens when some remnants of your images are left on the screen even though you’re not displaying them. You can do this when displaying a gray, red, or black color swatch. You may notice faint yet noticeable outlines of some of the home panel’s features on the display.

Interestingly, CNET‘s own tests did not seem to reveal any of the issues.

It is helpful to note that burn in happens to a lot of LED-based devices. However, OLED-based smartphones and devices such as the Pixel 2 XL have higher chances of experiencing them. This is notably a red flag given it’s been only a few weeks since Google’s release of the products.

This adds yet another layer or problems for the flagship smartphone. Fans can remember that the Pixel 2 XL also had problems with bluish hues and muted colors that are very noticeable when tilting the large device. This is known as a blue shift. While this isn’t necessarily what we can call a deal breaker, adding the burn in issue can surely make a big difference.

The burn in issue wouldn’t definitely damage the device. However, it does seem tad a bit annoying to the eyes now that you can spot it. This is more so considering you may have purchased the phone for around AU$1,399.

Regardless, the phone remains to be an excellent choice for those who want to switch it up with Android-based devices. The camera is stunning, and the Google Lens makes it a powerful asset for your photography needs.

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