Google has wowed both fans and casual tech enthusiasts alike thanks to its grand product reveal. Of all its tech, it was perhaps the Google Pixel 2 that got the most praise. The Pixel 2 is the other half of the Pixel reveals in the event, the other being Pixel 2 XL. Interestingly, the most interesting feature they have is their squeezable sides. This allows you to launch an application – yup, “an” application: Google Assistant.

Squeezable Sides In-Depth Look

This feature is quite the interesting addition indeed. As per CNET, this is handy for users who have a quick question they want Google Assistant to help them with. Just a quick squeeze will have Google Assistant to save the day. All of this inside squeezable sides seem helpful right?

Well, users and tech enthusiasts will remember this feature in the HTC U11. The phone also had a familiar squeezable size feature, and Google Pixel 2’s own variant seems like a letdown.

HTC U11 is the first to actually have sides with pressure sensitivity. A short squeeze will open an app, and a longer squeeze would open a second application. HTC itself has some suggested features to attach to this feature, including flashlights, voice recorders, or even Google Assistant.

U11’s brilliance comes with the power of choice. Users can actually choose almost any app they want to be activated with this squeezable sides feature.

It’s not surprising to see this feature, called Active Edge, in the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. This is of course considering that the two phones were made with the help of HTC. Unfortunately, it does seem a bit of a letdown when you can only open a single application.

The Focus on Google Assistant

The two phones’ focus on Google Assistant appears to be similar to Samsung’s recent decision to have its Galaxy Note 8 and S8 focus on Bixby Voice. This is Samsung’s own version of a personal assistant. Interestingly, the Galaxy Note 8 and S8 will launch Bixby Voice, and only that, with its physical button.

This means users of the two phones will have to use Bixby Voice one way or another. It’s not like it’s useless, though, given Bixby Voice can be connected to other Samsung products as well.

This move seems to be Google saying that it will launch other Google Assistant-compatible products. It’s not surprising, given all Android 6.0 and above phones already have the assistant. Not only that, but the new Pixelbook will also have Google Assistant in it.

Given that Google Home and the Google TV products will also have Google Assistant, it’s not surprising for Google to make sure people begin to be oriented with the voice assistant.