Google Maps Releases New Personalized Feature, Gives Suggestions Based On Previous Locations

google maps

Google Maps may be taking the term “customizable” to the next level, as it now gives users the opportunity to view the app’s own location suggestions based on where users have been while using the app. This means Google Maps is now capable of making suggestions – via this new Personalized feature – just by assessing its user’s previous location data.

Apple users may revel in the fact that the iPhone maker has finally taken steps to rebuild Maps from the ground up. However, folks at Google are still just about to make new offerings for its own users, it seems, as a whole host of updates are in the running to improve Google Maps. It appears the primary goal of these improvements is to make sure users have a more “personalized” experience with the application, with more personalized recommendations that highlights seeing “your neighborhood in a whole new light.”

Part of these improvements are new “For You” and “Explore” tabs that can be found on the homescreen of the primary Google Maps app, which will be the cornerstone of this more personalized experience offerings.

“Explore” for instance will be able to give users “quick” suggestions and recommendations for drink and food places in areas you might be interested in. It will also show “trending” places from locals in the area. It’s also capable of showing top activities and events in the location, which you can filter and tailor to your liking using keywords.

google maps 2“For You” tab will now let you follow areas and keep you posted with events and activities that are happening in the areas you want to watch out for. These include store sales, restaurant openings, gigs, and other events you may be interested in.

These tabs are for now only available for users in Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United States. And given this is a new feature, content available to explore will obviously be less than desired. However, Google has promised to amp up the content offerings game in future updates.

Another improvement is that Maps will now algorithmically assess bars and restaurants based on your visits there, provided you have your Location History turned on. This will let Maps determine just how much you’ve enjoyed a particular location based on factors such as how many times you’ve been there, compared to other stores and locations you’ve visited in the past.

In fact, Google Maps has now released “curated lists” which you can start completing for food and restaurants that you can explore to your liking.

Unfortunately, one other feature – Group Planning – wasn’t released, even though it’s a highly-anticipated feature as teased in Google’s recent I/O conference. This feature will allow you to create lists of potential spots you can visit with friends, and then you can commit to a group vote as to where you want to meet and dine or have fun.





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