Google Goes Solar In UK With New Service

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The United Kingdom will have quite the surprise from Google as the tech giant has officially unveiled its new solar power service throughout the nation. It appears Google is on a roll with its new slate of impressive technological improvements, and its direction towards renewable energy is something to revel.

If there’s anything Google specializes in, it’s to create new innovations. Google’s new service will try to provide homeowners ni Britain save expenses by motivating them to switch to solar power. The new online tool, called Project Sunroof, was made in cooperation with Eon, a popular energy supplier. The tool will make estimates using data acquired from Google’s Maps and Earth applications.

The tool was first released in the United States last 2015, but its initial reviews said that mdm - googlewhile it’s accurate in a broad sense, it did give “odd” results. Instead of just a Google-Eon collaboration, however, the Britain version of Project Sunroof will also be in collaboration with Tetraeder, a German software firm.

Project Sunroof was conceptualized to use special machine learning systems to give accurate estimates of a house’s solar potential. These include an in-depth analysis of property features such as weather data, roof area and angle, and even sun positioning.

Google itself said the models Sunroof creates are in-depth enough to make sure even a single tree’s impact to a house’s potential for solar power is taken into account.

Interestingly, this isn’t exactly the first tool of its variety. For instance, Ikea also has a similar software offering in a partnership with Solarcentury. Elon Musk’s Tesla also had its own Solar Roof Calculator launched in Summer 2017. However, unlike Google’s offering, these companies need owners to submit other forms of data about their homes before getting the quotation they need before converting to solar energy.

Jonathan Marshall of Project Sunroof’s Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, said that the project will “lower the barrier” for homeowners in need of accurate and cost-effective solar potential measurement by immediately inspecting data of their home’s roofing thanks to imagery from Google Earth.

Marshall said the speed at which data is gathered won’t make the approach towards solar power “half-tempting,” but rather something they can fully push through.

Project Sunroof was first launched in the United States in 2015, and then in 2017 in Germany. In 2018, it’s officially available in select regions in the United Kingdom such as some parts of London, Reading, Newcastle, Liverpool, Brighton, and Birmingham.




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