Google Glass concept was first introduced three years ago. But, it was believed that the product lacked a lot of detail and needed much improvement in design and functionality, and so, was not even close to being a success.

Many believed that the spectacles didn’t offer much for the clients – was an invasion of the privacy and needed a lot of functional advances. Plus, the costs were believed to be quite high too!

However, as it turned out, the product and its price were quite alright since the very beginning. In fact, the production of Google Glass never even stopped. There were clients from all around the world loving the concept. It was just that the success didn’t make it to the headlines.

Just last month, Google, with the new industry insights, announced a re-launch of Google Glass at a sale price for businesses all around the globe!

The Re-launch

With the same product, Google just took a turn this time to target the right market for boosting its popularity and sales. Many of the businesses were already making use of the technology; but, only a few actually knew about it.

So, with all efforts now directed towards its customers, Google also announced a further reduction in the price of Google Glass by announcing a Sale on the Glass Enterprise Edition all over the world.

Main Customers of Google Glass

Google Glass is currently being used in various industries. Perhaps the top clients who seem to have benefitted from this technological advancement are the Jet engine engineers and mechanics and the medical surgeons.

  • Jet Engine Maintenance

According to Upskill, the software house that makes the Glass so ‘Smart’ so to say, the main users belong to the aviation industry – Boeing and GE Aviation being the top clients – who have been using Google Glass for building and maintenance of the jet engines

GE Aviation for one has also conducted about 15 trials of Google Glass in-house for assembling jet engines! Currently, the system is backed by Skylight, that just works alongside Upskill, by translating instructions into easier terms so the engineer or mechanic can easily understand them.


  • Surgeries


Some of the Surgeons have also made use of the Google Glass for easy communication, sharing video streams of surgeries, and also for consultation on the go between specialists.

One of the prime examples of technology at its best is during the complicated surgeries; one can always consult with other experts in the field. With a live view of the case at hand, many of the experts, from all around the world help give the best judgment to help the patient there and then.

Backed by AMA, the Google Glass used here is termed the ‘Xperteye.’ With AMA translating all the instructions, making life easier and saving precious minutes, the technology has worked wonders in the field of Human Surgery.

The Xperteye is also a great invention for helping the emergency staff in taking care of special cases. The best part, about the Xperteye, however, remains that it enables you to look straight through the surgeon’s eye! Even if you are not there at the table, you are quite close to the reality and can guide him/her accordingly.

The Way Forward

So while the deep entrenchment of Google Glass all over the industry and businesses does seem quite plausible in the near future, it may not be as easy as it seems. With the staff strength in millions, it is not a simple task to equip them all with Google Glass at once.

So although it may seem to be a big step in the medical and aviation fields, the technology still has a long way to go. There is still a lot of margin and improvement needed in terms of picture quality, enhanced sensors, and reliability of the Glass!

However, still, the Google Glass has indeed taken a leap in technology, even if it hasn’t been given the recognition it deserves.