So far the test runs by the self-driving cars by Google showed very promising results, making self-driving cars a very safe option.As these vehicles communicate with each other, the chances of a collision are very low but avoiding collisions with pedestrians is still a challenge for these cars.

Yesterday, Google revealed its latest soft car technology when Waymo patented the technology. Waymo – a car manufacturer – is owned by Alphabet, a parent company of Google. This technology will turn the outside of the car soft when there is a risk of collision with a pedestrian.

The latest car design reduces the risk of injury if the car collides with a human. The new design will contain “tension members”, which could be springs, rods, cables that keep the car together internally. These tension members can relax or get tighter to adjust the external rigidity of car according to the situation.

These “tension members” respond to sensor’s commands that can sense if the car is about to collide with another object. This not only can reduce the damage done to the car, but can also reduce the risks of serious injuries to the pedestrian.

The technology will help to lighten the impact on humans while it turns the outside stiffer when the car collides with another car to protect the passengers. This way, it offers double protection to both passengers and pedestrians.

As Waymo accuses its rival Uber of stealing the self-driving technology and both companies locked in a lengthy legal battle, Google is quick to patent its newer technology. Google accuses Uber that the company’s self-driving car project is based on the stolen technology from Google, which Uber denies.

The lawsuit against Uber was filed by Waymo earlier in 2017 in which Waymo sued Uber for stealing technology for self-driving cars. According to Waymo, it was impossible for Uber to move with such pace in their self-driving car manufacturing project without their stolen technology.

Waymo accuses its former employee, Anthony Levandowski, who later joined Uber for downloading and stealing more than 14,000 files from the company’s server including secrets to their LIDAR technology, testing documentation, and circuit board designs.

Levandowski is currently employed as the head of the Uber’s self-driving car project.