Google Conference Aims to Amp Up Google Amp Initiative

Google amp

Google this week held a conference which was aimed at amping up the amp initiative. When talking about Google Amp, it’s important to understand that it’s not solely owned by Google. It’s actually owned by an open source initiative that combines GitHub, Google, brands and publishers that all have the goal of speeding up mobile web experiences.

Amp is a complete network of code and technology that can reduce the loading time of web pages along with standardizing mobile web production. While it sounds tame, it’s much more in depth than this as said by Senthil Padmanabhan, Web Platform Lead and eBay Principal Engineer. He said that Amp is a combination of web page building best practices which use a lot of technology to implement these best practices overall.

The conference was held to also help bring together mobile players to help celebrate the overall achievement Amp has achieved since it was developed. The conference was also a place to discuss where Amp technology is going next.

Ruby Galfi, Amp project product manager said that the initial focus was on news publishing, but they have since expanded into other types of verticals with ecommerce going to be a main focus in the future. She also went on to say that if you’re a marketer, using Amp as a tool when building your landing pages and sites will help to improve the loading speed of those pages greatly.

With Google Amp constantly being improved, it’s no wonder more brands and marketers are starting to use it more when it comes to building their overall web pages.