Fans of Google’s own version of a voice assistant may be excited to hear that the fabled Google Assistant might actually be on its way to the newest iteration of Google laptops. If rumors are true, then tech fans may be able to use Google Assistant with Chromebooks.

This news came after fans have started to see “secret” code in the Google Home application for Android phones. Interestingly, it appears the Google Assistant and Chromebooks combination will be occurring quite sooner than fans could expect.

According to Tech Radar, fans were able to see this after tinkering with the Google Home app. Interestingly, it has a list of devices that appears to be compatible with Google Assistant.

The things listed include both iOS and Android phones, Google Home, the Allo app, and Chromebooks are listed in there. The Chromebook icon exists in the app, but Chrome has yet to reveal anything to both fans and enthusiasts.

Of course, the best way to introduce this new integration is via the Google event tomorrow, where a ton of Google products are expected to be introduced.

This includes what is called the Pixelbook, a Google laptop. It’s still debated whether or not the Pixelbook is a Chromebook on its own, or an Android and Chrome OS combination. Regardless, Google’s hardware event will be the best way to find answers.

Given how much attention Google Assistant has been getting, it appears renewed focus will be placed on the feature and more devices will gain access to the smart assistant.