Google 2018 Search Hacks You Should Never Forget


Google is perhaps one of the most helpful sources of information we can look for, even with outside studies and research. Our daily lives have a lot of instances where we encounter things we have to look for, and this is much more so the case if you’re a content writer, a digital marketer, or in any field that involves intensive searches across the internet. Below are handy Google 2018 search hacks you should never forget, as these can come in handy for your needs.

When we talk of search engines, you’re likely going to think about Google. This isn’t just because Google is famous, though. Google is actually the market leader when it comes to search engines. 2017 was a big year for Google, with the search engine giant dominating around 74.54-percent of net shares throughout the market. Not to mention that search engines globally are now being accessed by 46.8-percent of all the people in the world. In fact, Google actually receives 3.5-billion searches every day – amounting to as much as 1.2-trillion searchers yearly worldwide! Here are some Google 2018 search hacks you should never forget:

1.) Use quotes if you’re looking for a phrase: Looking for a particular phrase? You should probably search for it using quotes. This is an easy trick anyone might recognize, but it’s something a lot of people tend to overlook. It’s much easier to be able to identify exact phrases if you use quotes to search for them, as this yields results of pages with the quote in question. This allows you to quickly close off your search, especially if you’re looking to quote someone for a hack1

2.) Use an asterisk if you have an unknown word in the phrase: If you’re phrase is incomplete and you’re quite unsure what’s supposed to be there, try replacing the missing word with an asterisk. This allows Google to try and help you decode the word by correlating the rest of the phrase with other searches online. This allows you to find songs based on lyrics or finishing off phrases with words you’ve forgotten.

3.) Use the minus sign to remove certain words from the search phrase: Sometimes less is more, especially if you know your search phrase will yield a lot of results. You can use a minus sign before a particular word you want eliminated from the phrase. For instance, “jaguar -car” will yield results related to jaguar but not the brand.

4.) Use Google to search websites for particular posts: If you want to search within a particular website, you can use the “site:” trick in Google search. For instance, if you want to search for a particular post in a certain website, say an article from Forbes mentioning “Google,” you can search “Google” to find posts in with that kind of keyword.

5.) Use “define:” and “vs” to define, compare, contrast: Some of Google’s most useful functions is its more obscure ones. Did you know you can specifically define words in Google not just by searching them, but by using “define:”? This allows Google to help you define certain words and phrases, even slang, through various dictionaries. In the same token, you can use “vs” in between two words or sets of words in order to compare and contrast them. Google will even do a nifty table for you.

6.) Use reverse image search to search images with images: If you want to look for particular images using Google, you can actually do that using reverse image search. Simply upload an image you want Google to try to find and you can see similar images and even the source of the image you’re using. This is handy when identifying particular persons of interest when you can’t remember their names in particular, among many other uses.


The Bottomline: It’s About Getting Creative

Google as a search engine has been capitalized to help a lot of its consumers to depend on a reliable “network” of information access all over the internet. Over the years since its conception in 1999, Google has connected internet users to useful pieces of information depending on their needs, all because of years and years of developing its algorithm. Using the tips and search hacks above, you can actually maximize the benefits Google can provide for you.




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