What Is Good Content? Are You Generating It?


It’s well know that to be success in the online world, you need to generate good content. With the help of good content, you’ll be able to improve your visitor’s interaction, boost sales, and also improve your website ranking. However how do you know if your content is good? Here’s a few things to keep in mind to know what good content is and whether you’re generating it.

What Makes Content Good?

  1. Minimal Spelling/Format Mistakes

It’s important that your content has minimal spelling mistakes. Spelling mistakes can make you appear unprofessional. It can also make your reputation and credibility drop as well. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes make a piece hard to read and appear dirty. If you’re spelling isn’t great, it’s a good idea to run your work through a spelling checker to ensure your content is polished. Don’t be afraid to ask for help as well from someone who may be an editor or proof reader. You also need to look at the format of the piece. Does it have adequate paragraphing, subheadings, bullet points or white space. Content that’s formatted correctly will offer a professional and polished finished for the reader.

  1. Valuable Information

Content that’s good provides users with valuable information. It tells the reader what they want to know and answers their questions. If you’re writing about how to build a chair, the information provided in the article should go in depth into what is needed and how to execute the title fully. It should be engaging for your readers. The more valuable the information, the more engagement you’ll receive from your readers. Don’t forget to add supporting images or screen shots to help get your point across.

  1. It Gets A Lot Of Attention

Great content also gets a lot of attention from your readers. You’ll notice more comments, shares and people who are talking about your content. You’ll also find more website traffic starting to convert back to your website which is great. While it may take a while for your content to grow in popularity, the most popular pieces will get noticed faster when written right.


Good content can really help to improve your overall reputation. By knowing what the signs are of great content you’ll be able to really improve what you write about. So have you been generating good content?