How To: Get the Latest iOS 11 Golden Master Version


When you’re an Apple fan, chances are you need your iPhone to be on the latest firmware. After all, Apple has been adamant in making sure its users’ devices are up to date with the latest features of their products.

This is why, chances are, Apple aficionados may have already heard about the leaked iOS 11 app. Unfortunately, it can’t be installed right now, at least, not until the September 12 Apple event.

Get It From the Devs

A few days back, this was now officially called the iOS 11 Golden Master (GM) version, the penultimate version of the iOS 11. The GM version is normally considered the public beta or the developer version of the iOS.

  • Apple had a similar release to the iOS 10 last year, where its GM version was made available to the public just a day after their own event. So here’s how to install it:
  1. If You Joined the Beta

If you joined the Apple Beta Software Program, chances are, you’re going to be able to install via downloading the iOS 11 beta version.

  • While this isn’t just as useful as anyone would expect, you can keep refreshing your Software Update options.
  • For a recap, you can reach this through your General Settings panel in your phone.
  • For those already with the iOS 11 beta version or the developer version, you can just wait until there’s a need for a Software Update. This is checked the same way you checked the settings above.
  1. If You Can’t Wait

If by some chance your iPhone still doesn’t have the GM version available, you can actually get the restore file (also called the IPSW) that allows you to revert to your base model.

  • You have to download this first, but don’t install it yet.
  • Apple won’t allow you to do anything with it because of the leaks, but it will more or less sign it again since the Apple event is over.
  • It’s helpful to download this ahead of time as the IPSW files are heavy. They are sometimes over 2.5 GB.
  • You can find the links at iOS Gadget Hacks, which is linked here.
  1. Compatibility?

If you want to be sure that your device is indeed fit for the iOS 11 GM install, you can check the list below to see if your device is compatible for the update.

  • iPod Touch (6th Gen)
  • iPad Air/iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Pro (9.7 and 12.9 inch)
  • iPad Mini 4/iPad Air 2/iPad Mini 3
  • iPad (9.7 inch)
  • iPad Pro (10.5 inch, 12.9 inch, 2nd Gen)
  • iPhone SE, iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
  1. Update Away!

If you have the appropriate files and the appropriate hardware, then it’s really simple to update your iOS gadget or iPhone to the iOS 11 GM.

  • Take mind that this update shouldn’t erase your data, such as videos, and photos.
  • This will only update you to iOS 11 GM.
  • If you’re concerned about the integrity of your files, then you can always backup your files for safety. Of course, just make sure you update the files with the correct procedure.
  1. Step By Step

Here’s exactly how to update your iPhone or an iOS device into the latest iOS version.

You first have to open the iTunes on your Mac and check if it’s updated to V If not, you have to update this first.

  • Connect the device to your Mac via a good cable. This is important, as a bad cable can ruin the installation, and potentially damage your device.
  • When the prompt appears, click “Trust” from both the IOS and the iTunes. There are times where you have to place your password as well.
  • Just as a reminder, be sure to do a backup if you haven’t already.
  • Hold down the Option button and see the “Check For Update” part in iTunes. It should be available if the download is there.
  • Choose the version of the restore you’ve downloaded above, and press “Open.” This begins the installation and update process.

Your device should be rebooting after the procedure, and you have a few prompts to follow as the  process ends.

Some Notes

The iOS 11 GM brings a ton of new features that is sure to make your life extra easier, plus a few other features that add a bit of flair to your experience.

  • There’s a new Dock that allows you quick access to your most used apps, and your files from any screen.
  • There’s an app switcher that helps make it extra easier for you to move from pairs of apps to the next.
  • The new Files software helps keep everything maintained. This allows you to access everything in your local storage, in your iCloud, and other providers.

AR, Siri

Apple also has introduced a new software that allows developers and aspiring software developers to capture moments with high quality augmented reality experience. This is thanks to the built-in camera of the phones and the new ARKit.

  • This allows almost anyone to build virtual content that acts on top of real world backgrounds.
  • This gives a ton of opportunities for immersive experiences, such as in industry, and gaming.

Siri also gets a stunning update. The useful voice assistant becomes more useful than ever.

  • The male and female versions of Siri now sound more expressive and natural.
  • It can adjust its own pitch, intonation, tempo, and tone while it speaks. It can even translate from English into languages such as Spanish, Italian, German, French, or Mandarin.

Siri is now capable of trying to “understand” their user’s needs and experiences by tapping into user preferences. The assistant can now make suggestions thanks to entries in browsers and app preferences.


If you’ve been able to follow these steps carefully, then potentially updating to iOS 12 and other versions of the OS will be fairly easier for you.

Just be sure to always be extra careful and always have backups ready should some part of the installation process fail. If you have more comments for us, feel free to share them down below, especially if you’ve discovered neat features of the iOS 11 GM!