With a market slowly dominated by extremely useful Apple products, one might find themselves a bit behind peers who possess any one of Apple’s interesting and useful devices.

One couldn’t help but not buy Apple when some of their products’ prices are so steep. But if you’re a student or a professor, did you know you can actually get discounts on Apple products?

Apple Products On a Basic Level

On a basic sense, Apple is pretty lenient with these deals for years, so long as you’re really enrolled in academic institutions.

  • If you’re employed as a staff, you get benefits too! You can get savings for as much as 6%, which is still good.
  • Students have 15% discounts in some Apple products.

This means, some discounts on previous years, have allowed students to buy a MacBook, that normally costs $1,299, for half the price with a pair of wireless headphones.

  • In the United Kingdom, some students can get a Macbook that was previously 899 pounds for 772.80 pounds!
  • And for those in Australia, an AU$1,999 MacBook can be purchased for AU$,829!

Free Wireless Beats Headphones?
Students understand that great music is a good motivator for studying. Luckily, this year’s Apple promo for students in the United States, United Kingdom, and some parts of Europe gives students a hot piece of Beats headphones.

The deal applies for these products:

  • The MacBook
  • The MacBook Air/MacBook Pro
  • iMac/iMac Pro
  • iPad Pro
  • If you buy any of these, you can choose to get any of the following:
  • Beats Solo3
  • Beats X
  • Powerbeats

These offers are available in the United Kingdom, the United States, and European countries such as: Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Finland, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, and Austria.

  • If you live in the United States, you should check the Apple website here to get the best back to school deals.
  • Likewise, here is the United Kingdom Apple site for their own back to school deals.

Other Great Deals
If you’re in for some other products, Apple’s got you covered. If you look at the shops above, you can score great deals as well.

  • Your discount can get you a Macbook Air for as low as $849!
  • If you’re in the United Kingdom, you can grab a MacBook Air for a discounted price, from 949 pounds to at least 840 pounds!
  • If the MacBook Pro is your thing, prices for the product start at around #1,249, AU$1,829, and 1,124 pounds.
  • If you’re a tablet person, the iPad and the iPad Pro is also available with your student discount. Its prices have lowered to $629, AU$949.

Fancy Trading?
If you have an old Apple device you don’t use anymore, you can trade them for credits! Handy, right? Apple is actually offering extra credit through Apple Store Gift Cards if you hand over existing Mac products. These can be added to initial payment for devices, which can help you save money.

The prices depend on how old the models are. Mac models that are from 2009 or later are better, and can even help you earn for a $1,000 ish MacBook Pro. You can check the United States Apple website for details.

To those in the United Kingdom, you can trade Mac models from 2006 and later. Of course, the price you get depends on what kind of model you trade in.
Always Check First
However, before you dive into any of these discounts, always remember to check first with your local retailer if such an offer is available in your town, city, or country.

  • It’s also best to contact Apple directly, or the local Apple branch in your place just to have a heads up on upcoming deals as well.
  • Also, you can only see the prices in the United Kingdom version of the Apple website if you have a Uniday account.

Thanks to Apple’s feature for students and teachers, learners may have a chance of experiencing Apple products and use its many features to help them in their studies. This is also good advertising and marketing on the part of Apple, as this goes to show that you don’t always have to just spend big money to get yourself Apple products.

Until the time comes that Apple products become the new “norm,” students and teachers still at least have a chance of getting their products at a reduced cost.