Are You Generating Bad Content?

bad content

Content can be created by anyone. However not everyone can create good content. Believe it or not, even with all the resources available people still generate bad content which can jeopardise their reputation and their rankings. So are you generating bad content? Here’s some of the signs of what bad content is and whether you may be still making these crucial mistakes.

Signs Of Bad Content Creation

  1. Duplication

Duplication is a website ranking killer that unfortunately many people still decide to use to this day. Duplication of content from other sites is a big no, no with Google and shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you duplicate content you not only get ranked lower in search engines but you also lose credibility with your audience as well. Always make your content unique, every time.

  1. Mistakes

Content that has mistakes all the way through it is also troubling. Bad content isn’t just about what is written it’s about how you present it as well. Mistakes can be found in the words, grammar, and the layout of the piece. If you don’t use sufficient white space, paragraphing, catchy titles, valuable content or subheadings, you’ll find that your content will not only look terrible, but make your reputation drop. Make sure content is formatted well and spell checked constantly. It should also have valuable content.

  1. Bad Images

Images can help to really bring life to a piece of content. However, many people still make the mistake of using poor imagery to sell their work. Images that are hard to view, out of focus, or that aren’t relevant to the piece can really damage your post. The images also need to be free to use as well from respectable sites like ShutterStock, iStock and Pixabay.


Bad content is all around, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to create bad content. By knowing the signs you can easily start to change your way of writing so you can start to generate pieces that are well worth reading. Have you been making any of these mistakes?