G Suite or Microsoft Office 365: Which SaaS to Use for Enhanced Productivity

g suite or ms office 365

The days of installing an office suite with a word processor, spreadsheet program, email tool, and other productivity essentials in it are slowly coming to an end. With SaaS office suites such as G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, business owners can now instantly make their employees do some common office tasks without worrying about paying for a perpetual license in case they want to switch from the former to the latter or vice versa. As a business owner yourself, you may have been wondering which among the two mentioned SaaS applications would work best to enhance your employees’ productivity. So: G Suite or Microsoft Office 365? Let’s find out below.


Why Use G Suite for Enhanced Productivity?

Formerly known as Google Apps, Google’s G Suite is a package containing Web-based applications that aim to make productivity and collaboration easier by utilizing the power of both the Internet and the cloud. With G Suite, you can expect your employees to deliver more output than if they still relied on standalone software as follows:

g-suite docs1.) Gmail lets you install additional third-party apps for it to become more useful than it already is.

Your employees can do more with Gmail other than just composing emails and reading those from their inbox. By installing additional third-party apps or extensions to your employees’ Gmail, they can make customized email templates, track when a recipient of the email opens or forwards it, schedule when to send certain emails, and so much more.

2.) Google Docs has a less cluttered interface that can help in maximizing its users’ productivity.

While a feature-packed word processing program can help your employees create documents and fine-tune them as needed, it can take a while to load properly which is a productivity killer in itself. On the other hand, Google Docs may not have that many features and menu options, but it doesn’t have any load time at all which is very useful if anyone among your employees has to rush a document within the day.

3.) G Suite lets its users see in real time

A key feature of G Suite is real-time collaboration where anyone who has access to a certain file can easily see any changes being made to it by another user. No need to track changes or put some markups in a document or spreadsheet which can make it look too messy.


Why Use Microsoft Office 365 for Enhanced Productivity?

Not one to get left behind considering that they’ve been at the forefront of the computing industry since the 90’s, Microsoft might have taken a while to come up with their answer to Google’s G Suite. But Office 365 is already gaining traction from other businesses who find G Suite difficult to use or not their thing at all.

1.) Employees might already be more familiar with Microsoft’s standalone Office software than G Suite.ms office 365

Familiarity doesn’t breed contempt at all when it comes to making the switch to Microsoft Office 365. After all, learning how to use G Suite can consume too much time, most especially for those employees of yours who are slow to adapt to an entirely new office suite.

2.) Outlook allows its users to sort and group emails for a more organized inbox.

Gmail may be powerful and fast. But for some reason, the email application doesn’t allow its users to organize their emails into more easily accessible groups. With Office 365’s Outlook tool, your employees can group all of the emails in their inbox which is very useful most especially when looking for an email related to a specific project.

3.) Word lets its users edit documents and save them without running into any formatting problems.

While your employees can open a document using Google Docs, its formatting can be destroyed forcing them to edit the doc once again. They won’t come across this scenario by sticking to Office 365’s Word application which preserves the exact formatting that they’ve used while creating a certain document in there.



As you’ve seen above, G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 each has its own merits that can help your employees achieve maximum productivity at a fraction of the cost that you’d normally spend on a standalone office suite. It’s entirely up to you though whether to go for the former or the latter – or perhaps even use both SaaS office suites at the same time depending on your business’s needs. In the end, you should choose a SaaS office suite that can enhance your employees’ productivity and save yourself some business costs at the same time.



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