Four Essential Shopify Plugins That Your Online Retail Store Should Have


When you first thought of starting your online business, building a website from scratch may not have been to your liking. Besides, you don’t have any background at all in web design nor the budget to hire a web designer to do the work for you and pay for any maintenance costs that you’ll incur once it becomes fully operational. Instead, you’ve decided to set up your online retail store on your own using the e-commerce SaaS platform Shopify. Once done, you can then start installing these three essential Shopify plugins that your online retail store should have:

1.) Kit

Almost everyone has Facebook and Instagram accounts these days. So it would be rather foolish of you to not spread the word about your products from your online retail store to your target customers who most likely spend a huge portion of their time checking their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

shopify 2Unfortunately, marketing your products via Facebook and Instagram takes some skill and time most especially if you’ve got stiff competition from fellow online retailers. Instead of trying to come up with Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for your products without any guarantee of success at all, you can add Kit to your online retail store and message it to set up Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for you. The said Shopify plugin could also let you promote discount codes and items that are back in stock as well as engage with potential customers interested in any of your products but who need more convincing to buy them.

2.) One-Click Social Login

Speaking of Facebook and Instagram, any of your target customers would highly appreciate it if they can use their accounts in the said social media platforms to sign up and browse your online retail store. Same goes if they’ve got accounts on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and other social media platforms. After all, registering as a new customer takes too much time that they can use elsewhere.

You should thus add One-Click Social Login to your online retail store. As implied in its name, the Shopify plugin lets visitors to your online retail store register using the credentials that they have in any of their social media accounts so that they wouldn’t have to fill out any forms anymore. You can also keep track of those who had registered to your online retail store using their social media accounts via One-Click Social Login’s admin panel.

3.) Free Shipping Bar

Paying for shipping can burn a hole in the pocket of your online retail store’s target customers. But at the same time, you wouldn’t want to offer free shipping for an overly cheap product that they bought in your online retail store. What you can do though that would be of benefit to both you and your target customers is to install Free Shipping Bar in your online store which should convince them to either add a few more items to their purchase or spend more than a certain amount so that they can become eligible for free shipping. The said Shopify plugin also allows you to customize your free shipping offers such that your target customers would see different numbers of items that they have to add to their purchase or amounts that they have to spend depending on their country.

4.) Sticky Buy Button

A cardinal mistake that you might commit is placing your Buy button in a fixed position such that any of your customers might easily forget that it’s there once they go to another part of your online store where it’s noticeably absent.

You’ll want to add Sticky Buy Button to your online retail store so that your customers would more easily see the Buy button no matter where they are while window shopping for products. After all, you’ll want them to not just take a quick glance at your online store’s Buy button and then forget about it.



While it’s nice to have a business website of your own, building and maintaining it can cost you a fortune that more than half of your capital might go to alone. On the other hand, when you use Shopify, you can set up your online retail store without all the fuss that usually comes with it. To further enhance how you do business via the Internet, you should look into installing the above-listed three essential Shopify plugins that your online retail store should have. After all, you’ll want your experience using the e-commerce SaaS platform to be as rewarding as it can get.




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