The first full of specs smart watch by Fitbit is now on sale.

According to BBC News, 3rd party developers will be capable of launching applications and watch face designs for downloading and using on Fitbit’s Ionic watch, unlike the firm’s current watch termed as Blaze. This watch also features an integrated sensor that can spot your blood oxygen levels.

There has been another announcement made by Fitbit about its collaboration with Adidas for an upcoming special edition. The collaboration seems to reflect that of Apple and Nike’s Watchlinkup.

Fitbit was graded the record breaking wearable tech brand globally, until just a while back. But, according to a report from the market research enterprise IDC, Apple and Xiaomi overtook the position of Fitbitwith regard to the deliveries over the initial 3 months of the year.

According to a new report by Fitbit, its sales went forty percent down in their 2nd quarter, resulting in a net loss of 58.2 million USD for that period.

Upon this loss, Mr. Ben Wood from the CCS Insight remarked that market has gotten difficult for Fitbit, not only because it had a massive decline in the sales but also because the complete range of its wearables did not turn out to be as well as the people were expecting. But the company is trying hard to make progress.


Fitbit has priced its regular version of the Ionic watch at £300, which is a bit higher than the price of any of the Apple’s existing basic smart watches. However, the price of Ionic is still lesser than the second series of Apple Watch. Fitbit has already begun taking the pre-orders. However, the deliveries are not going to take place until later in the month of Sep.

Ever since the year 2016, when Fitbit purchased the Pebblesmartwatchestablishment, there have been all eyes on the launch of the Ionic watch. Although Fitbit terminated working on the gadgets owned by Pebble, it modified its software for generating a new operating system termed as Fitbit OS. This OS has the ability to work with several podiums like Android, Windows, and iOS.

The firm is also planning to launch a web tool that will enable the developers to generate their own software for Ionic from the following month onward. This will make the watch’s NFC chip accessible, which will enable the watch to be used for opening the vehicles or any other kinds of doors that use smart locking systems.

In comparison, Apple has not made the NFC chips of its devices accessible for others on the basis of security concerns. However, this limitation is expected to be removed by the end of this year.

The Ionic is the first ever wearable device from the company that contains a SPO2 sensor, which shows a big leap forward by Fitbit. The sensor has the ability to assess the quantity of oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood.

According to the company, this feature can be used for spotting several health issues like sleep apnea, in which a person stops breathing for a little while or can’t breathe properly while resting. Similarly, it can be used for providing other types of health alerts as well.Generally, the usage of this technology other than in medical apparatus is rather uncommon. However, Nokia already has made use of it in its Pulse Ox wristband.

The company also claims that the heart rate tracker in its Ionic watch gives more exact and precise results in comparison to those that are found in any of its other devices.


According to the ads, the watch contains the following specs:

  • 4+ days of continuous usage on a single charge. However, if the Global Positioning System, music player or other such programs are in use then it drops down to ten hours.
  • Can resist up to 50 meters deep water.
  • Touch-free payment system through the company’s upcoming payment option.
  • The storage capacity of 2.5 GB, which can room around 300 songs, as per the company.

According to Mr. Wood, The challenge with this watch is that it is primarily angled towards the health and fitness of the users instead of being a fashion accessory. However, the company does have a lot of devoted customers who appear to have an inclination towards upgrading to the newer and more proficient products of Fitbit.