Facebook’s Dating Feature: Will the Social Media Giant Succeed in Putting Out Tinder’s Long-Burning Flames?

facebook dating app

Facebook may be the world’s leading social media platform thus far. But like any other tech startup, the said social networking giant doesn’t rest on its laurels at all. In fact, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg continues to find ways to make his brainchild even more successful than it already has been for the past several years. One of those ways that Zuckerberg had announced very recently is by coming up with a dating service which he announced during Facebook’s most recent installment of its F8 developer conference held last May 1, 2018. The said dating service would be simply known as Dating.


How Would Facebook’s Dating Feature Work?

online dating appFacebook’s Dating feature will exist right within the said social media platform. However, it won’t ask you to sign in using your Facebook account. Instead, you can make a Dating profile that’s entirely separate from your Facebook account so that your friends in the latter won’t be able to see whatever you’ve put in the former.

Your Facebook friends also wouldn’t pop up as potential matches in your Dating profile which can become very useful if you’re the type who doesn’t like mixing business (i.e., your Facebook account) with pleasure (i.e., your Dating profile).

Your Dating profile would also use only your first name to make finding a romantic connection via the Facebook platform less stiff and more informal just like how you’d introduce yourself to someone in real life when not in a business setting.

As a safety precaution though, Dating would only allow you to send text messages to someone when chatting with them for the first time. You wouldn’t want to get traumatized after receiving unsolicited photos or links to homemade videos of someone’s private parts as a first-time Dating user, thus the said protective measure.


What Will Make Facebook’s Dating Feature Different from Tinder?

Once it becomes available for public consumption, Dating will face stiff competition from dating app mainstays like Tinder for one. But whereas Tinder lets its users swipe right or left to determine if they like a certain person based on their looks alone or not, Dating will use Facebook’s Events feature to create connections with other people similar to how most people meet romantic interests at social gatherings.

For example, if you’ve already set up your Dating profile, and you’ve indicated that you’ll be going to a show this weekend, the said Facebook feature would give you a list of potential matches who said that they’d be going to the same show. From there, you can privately chat whoever among those potential matches strikes your fancy and make plans to meet up with them in person.


But Will Facebook Succeed in Upending Tinder?

dating -facebookFacebook’s Dating feature has yet to become a serious competitor of Tinder though as it’s still scheduled to undergo testing later in the year. There’s also no telling at the moment how Facebook’s billions of users would react to the social media platform’s Dating feature.

However, one shouldn’t underestimate Dating’s threat to Tinder as the latter had always relied on Facebook users’ data for it to operate. You can’t use Tinder at all if you don’t have a valid Facebook account.

Coupled with the fact that Tinder has always been prone to so many problems throughout its existence ranging from login issues when using it in Android-supported mobile devices to users losing some of their previous matches, it’s possible that disillusioned former Tinder users would be the first to give Facebook’s Dating feature a fair shot.



It’s too early to tell right now if Facebook’s Dating feature would succeed in putting out Tinder’s long-burning flames. However, with Facebook being the dominant social media platform used all over the world, it’s entirely possible that Dating might transform matchmaking services as we know it. After all, what Facebook did with its most recently announced feature is simply the said company paying homage to its roots as a matchmaking website before transforming into the social media giant that it is today.




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