If you think facial recognition is only for upgraded and state-of-the-art operating systems, you’re going to be wrong. Facebook is now beginning to implement facial recognition technology to allow users to “log back” into their accounts. Facebook is truly living up to its name, literally.

As reported by TechCrunch, the new facial recognition system is just the first of a ton of new features Facebook is implementing to a limited number of users.

The system is for now designed to be a recovery option. Instead of just logging normally, you can use your face to get access to your account. This gives you an edge against hackers that may have stolen your phone, or have gained partial access to your account.

The news was confirmed to Tech Crunch, but Facebook teased this feature first in a tweet. It said its existing protection features aren’t being replaced, however. The facial recognition system will just be another new option, including the “trusted” friend options that was also recently revealed to users.

This is perhaps Facebook’s answer to the wowing reveal of iPhone X’s facial unlock system. Interestingly, Facebook’s new face ID software is just experimental. But it can provide a new ton of security features for users.