If you’re having a hard time paying for broadband costs now, then you might have to start saving. It appears that prices are expected to double in the next few years.

This is after predictions of Jonathan Caplin, a New Street Research analyst. He said the doubling of broadband services prices is expected, although with this comes the decline of such features due to broadband saturation and what appears to be an erosion of today’s famous pay-television services.

Chaplin said that although cable operators are indeed dominating today’s marketplace when it comes to high-speed internet, the rate of growth when it comes to consumers are actually declining.

This means cable operators will have to leverage with what they have and double potential costs of their broadband services.

Of course, Chaplin said this will only work if the fiber optic deployment of telecommunications companies will increase in the next five years. This will allocate a lot of room for subscribers, which will then allow the market share of operators to increase, alongside subscribers.

Should this imply that the end of broadband is near? Not quite, however, it is important to be aware that cable operators may have to increase prices should there be a stoppage in the growth of subscribers.