An Error in Google Caused Disruptions in Japan’s Internet


Japan faced a massive internet disturbance a few days back, which blocked the access to every online service from banking to gaming websites. The disturbance was caused in the systems of KDDI Corporation and NTT Communications only.

As per the NTT Communications, the reason of the trouble was that a foreign NSP used by OCS had unexpectedly swapped internet paths. Numerous experts were of the opinion that the service supplier, in this case, could be Google. To which, the company responded that they are examining the issue.

The issue was fixed as soon as the regular traffic movement was reinstated. OCN stated that the issue arose at about 12:22 pm and persisted for almost twenty-three minutes. The Japan Govt. is also searching for the cause as well as the Interior Affairs and Communications Bureau has also ordered the telecom firms to report on the event.

Nintendo company mentioned on its web page that it began getting connection complaints at almost 12:25 pm. Moreover, consumers of numerous banks also stated that they were having a hard time accessing their accounts.  Consumers of online banks shared the same issue.

The railway company in Japan, JR East also faced complaints from the users of its phone payment option saying they were not being able to reach the service that allows them to get onboard on the trains. People were also facing difficulty in accessing the JR East web page, which includes those people as well who were trying to get an online booking.

The Twitterati also joined in by trending the problem all over the social media, which included tweets by both celebrities and common people. The disturbance had an impact on the stock market too, where the shares of cyber security firms went up shortly after internet service got disrupted.

The industry expert BGPMon stated that the issue happened due to the Google’s inability to offer transit to 3rd party networks.