If you’re an Equifax user, now may be a time to up the ante on your security game. This is after the company revealed that more than 140 million of their users based in the United States had their data compromised.

As per an Equifax press release, the breach has been discovered way back on July 29, 2017. They also said they have now worked on a solution to tighten their website’s security. However, the damage has been done.

The culprits have apparently discovered a vulnerability located in the Equifax website that led to the breach. The data breach gave way for the attackers to steal various kinds of personal information. These range from names, addresses, birthdates, and even Social Security numbers.

Moreover, it appears the culprits were also able to access the credit card information of more or less 200,000 people. They were also able to access documents that have personal information for more than 180,000 people. It wasn’t revealed if there were other accounts compromised for the company’s international clients.

Equifax is an information solutions group with a global client base. They have a multitude of customers ranging from individuals and entire organizations that rely on their data analytics technology.

Equifax clients that want to check if their accounts have been compromised can sign up in an Equifax dedicated website here. This will allow Equifax to help protect their clients from identity theft and monitor their credit files.

Cyberattacks such as these have started to be increasingly common through the years. This is because culprits are starting to develop smarter “ways” of attacking websites and networks with the help of modern innovations in technology. While these attacks are more common, breaches that involve Social Security and extremely personal information can lead to a wide range of implications.

Users that rely on passwords are advised to regularly change them into codes that only they know. It is also best to use a wide range of characters and numbers to make sure those passwords are not breached. They should also think twice when sharing personal information online, and should try to always check in with these services to ensure their accounts are secure.