E8 Storage Receives 2nd Consecutive Flash Memory Innovation Award

Flash Memory

The emerging storage company E8 Storage received the best innovation award at Flash Memory Summit 2017.

The company has received two consecutive innovation awards at Flash Memory Summit. The award was bestowed for providing the finance market with a unique technology which can solve the troubles of processing and read the data quick and on urgent needs too.

High-speed analytics are no more a nuisance with the arrival of E8-D24 NVMe; for it is reliable and easy to use. E8-D24 NVMe is an application which would solve the challenges of analytical data performance for financial firms. The application has the capability to attend to a high transaction, and it eases the workload, as it has the high speed to accomplish the time-sensitive deals (service level agreements; SLA).

Jay Kramer, President of the Network Storage Advisors Inc. and the Chairman of the Awards Program said that manipulating the vast data lays the foundation for the best decision making, competitive advantage, and increase the probability of customer satisfaction; ensures the achievement in the financial industry.

CEO and Co-founder of E8, Zivan Ori expressed his gratitude upon receiving the award. He further said that the E8 Storage team is pleased to have been able to solve the real issues regarding business needs. E8 Storage has rendered the results to claim another award in the one year period only.

E8 Storage’s new appliance will boost the performance 10 times the existing storage products in the market. It offers the benefits of the low latency and the high I/O; the price is just the half of the existing products in the market. This application has the software designed to extract the complete performance of the remote drives of NVMe.

E8 storage background

E8 Storage happens to be the first industry ever for providing the solution for NVMe enterprise storage, centralized management of storage at the pace of local SSDs.  All the Flash Arrays of E8 Storage are best suited for the time-sensitive workloads; take no compromise on performance. The next generation of flash storage manufactured by E8 storage bring the 10 times the performance with the half cost of the existing market products and is capable of increasing the utilization of SSD over 90%.