If you don’t know where to eat, you don’t have to rely on star-based ratings anymore. The new Taste app will have you choose the best of the best joints in your area. That’s right, you can only choose one.

This concept banks on the realization that anyone who’s lived anywhere for a substantial amount of time will definitely have a favorite place. Taste will be relying on your, well, taste to declare only the best of certain categories for peers that will go to your area in town.

Best Places in Your Locale!

According to CNET, users of the Taste app will have nine categories to choose best places from. These include pizza, drinks, sushi, coffee, and burgers. Their favorite place gets around 100 points in its rank. Catch is, you can only choose one of every category.

This system will hopefully remove the rather lackluster or average comments users have that tend to confuse other visitors. This also motivates users of the Taste app to actually visit places and make careful assessments.

Interestingly, the application features milestones for users. These include checking in to the current top locations of every category. The more milestones they complete, the more “value” their opinions get.

Of course, there are already other apps in the industry, such as Yelp with more than 135-million reviews on its slate. Specific dining apps like Bar Roulette also cater to bars. However, it appears there’s more room for app-based rating apps.

Taste CEO Andy Seavers told CNET the idea for Taste appeared way back in 2015 in a debate over perhaps the best coffee shop in their local area in Nashville.


The Taste app isn’t perfect, however. There are still a lot of things to consider adding. For now, it only has the favorites sections. There’s no review option for now. Regardless, the Taste app is a good way to let people know where locals in one area are eating.

Taste is currently online in 31 cities in the United States so far, and is only iOS compatible. The company is planning an Android release soon.