Does Twitter, Facebook Censor Your Political Views? Most Americans Think So


It appears scars from the previous 2016 United States elections plague Americans beyond the nation’s current policies. Most Americans apparently believe social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter actually censor their political views, impeding what appears to be a “basic right” of being able to express their personal and political opinions in social networks, which should be a “free” platform.

In an interesting take on politics, it appears both Republicans and Democrats don’t trust social media companies in terms of being impartial towards their political views.

In fact, a recent Pew Research Center study revealed 72-percent of those it surveyed think companies like Twitter and Facebook actively try to censor views on politics they believe are “objectionable.” Simply put, Americans may not simply trust these social media companies when it partisan politics is put into consideration. The survey, which surveyed 4,594 adults, was conducted between May 29 and June 11, and assessed the public’s attitude when it comes to the technology industry.

Interestingly, more Republicans than Democrats expressed concern over this perception of political bias. 85-percent of Republicans that categorized themselves as conservative independents said it’s very likely that social media companies make it to a point that political speech is censored. Meanwhile, 64-percent of Republicans who answered the survey believe technology industry members are pro-liberals compared to supporting conservatives.

Aaron Smith, the study’s author, said Republicans tend to be more skeptical and less trusting of large institutions and public entities. This behavior is in line with conservative Americans over the previous years. Smith said some Republicans might be influenced by commentators on the right wing that attack tech conglomerates for “putting their hand on the scale” and being in favor of policies that support liberals.

Meanwhile, majority of Democrats (at 62-percent) think it’s very likely that social media companies censor political speech. However, only around 25-percent of them expressed concern that companies support conservatives more than liberals.

facebook 2The study overall appears to reveal the concerns of Americans over the influence of the tech industry on political dialogue. These fears appear to extend all the way to Washington, where Congress hasn’t stopped its probe on Facebook over how user data and political content appears to have been tinkered with during the elections back in 2016.

Democrats in this case are interested as to just what went into play when it comes to Russia’s role in the electoral process in the United States. Meanwhile, Republicans paid more attention to how social media platforms such as Facebook are anti-conservative.

In the case of the study, more than 50-percent of the Americans interviewed believe tech companies should be regulated more. Still, most of the surveyed did say tech companies did benefit them and society to some regard, with 74-percent of Americans saying tech companies gave their lives a positive impact, with 65-percent feeling the nation has benefited from them as a whole.





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