Laptop and netbook enthusiasts have yet another new offering to feast their eyes on. It seems Dell’s newest product is here to impress, and it’s here to stay. The new Dell XPS 13 is perhaps the latest in Dell’s line of efficient netbooks, and its sleek design coupled with its multiple features make it a powerhouse to behold.
Dell’s Signature Powerhouse Motif
As with all other Dell products, the Dell XPS 13 boasts power within its compact appearance. It packs quite a lot of processing power, and quite enough to fit a lot of tasks within its specifications. The device has its signature bulky Dell “look” along with the red hot motif.

Dell does it again, and it’s waited for its competition to savor the moment before Dell makes the one move that lets it climb up back to the top. The Dell XPS 13 is definitely a product to have if you’re looking for a device with more than enough processing power for your needs.
The Pros: Better, Faster, Stronger
The Dell XPS 13 is quite a marvelous device. Dell outperforms its peers with a much faster laptop with the same signature Dell battery.
The device comes with Kaby Lake processors courtesy of Intel, which is the 7th generation and the latest in the company’s brand of processors.

  • Dell legacy users will also meet once again another iteration of Dell’s signature comfortable keyboard, and the display is a sight to look at.
  • Battery performance is impressive, with the XPS 13’s Core i3 being able to last for a whopping 22 hours, the QHD+ at 13 hours, and the Core i7 for almost eight hours.

It also has an SD card slot, which is neat considering there are a lot of SD cards that are beginning to surface in the market with a wide variety of size options.
In the end, the XPS 13’s sleek appearance makes it fitting for both the professional and the ordinary and casual user. Its price may be steep, yes, but it packs quite the good processors to make up for it for years of performance.

  • In speaking of, the XPS 13 has no issues handling heavy workload, especially for professionals. The iteration of the XPS 13 with the 2.7GHz i7 has a 3,200 x 1,800 screen with a RAM of 8GB can support a ton of spreadsheets, Chrome tabs, and chat clients without any issues.
  • Of course, it’s not good enough to handle serious gaming. It can handle an indie game or two, but this is not the device to play hardcore games with.

However, the creative professional might revel in the fact that the XPS 13 can handle photos without a jiffy. It even helps to turn on its high definition feature, and the XPS 13 still wouldn’t have a problem.
The Cons: Dell Still Has Some Signature Quirks
It’s not like the device doesn’t have any setbacks, however. The XPS still suffers from Dell’s ever present and poorly executed webcam positioning.

  • The webcam is located at the bottom and far left portion of the screen, which means conferences and video calls from friends and family would not exactly be as productive and fruitful.
  • Aside from this, it appears the device still lacks Windows Hello. This is a bummer, given much of Windows devices are already outfitted with the option.

You can buy the Dell XPS 13 for $898 to $935 in Amazon which might be a bit steep, but worth the purchase if you’re looking for that extra punch. Dell makes up for this with a wide variety of price ranges as well.
The Dell XPS 13 is definitely a netbook must have for aficionados who want a laptop that isn’t just there for the “fad” and the “trend.” The XPS 13 stands out from the rest thanks to its slate of interesting features and perks for quite the reasonable price. It offers just enough power for buck, and this is definitely a worthy purchase.