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Google Goes Solar In UK With New Service

The United Kingdom will have quite the surprise from Google as the tech giant has officially unveiled its new solar power service throughout the...
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Google Maps Releases New Personalized Feature, Gives Suggestions Based On Previous Locations

Google Maps may be taking the term “customizable” to the next level, as it now gives users the opportunity to view the app’s own...
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Firefox Joins Safari, Google In Making Complex Websites Easier To Build

If you’ve ever looked at search engines, you’re likely not going to give Firefox that much regard. After all, Apple users have Safari, and...
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Is Google Duplex AI On Its Way To Conquer Call Centers?

Despite the rather... messy nature of Google and Gmail today - especially with its data access debacle - it appears the tech giant is...
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Facebook, Google, Microsoft Have Ways To Dodge GDPR Regulations, Privacy Still In Big Trouble

Despite the push for data privacy and security, it appears the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policies may not be as secure...



Google Will Remove “Secure” Labels To HTTPS Sites

If you're using Google Chrome, you're likely going to be familiar with the "Secure" label and badge to the left of the address bar...