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Google amp

Google Conference Aims to Amp Up Google Amp Initiative

Google this week held a conference which was aimed at amping up the amp initiative. When talking about Google Amp, it’s important to understand...

Google Releases New Ad Labels

This week, Google began rolling out their new ad label for their AdWords ads. This new label now features a green outlined ad instead...
Google Maps

Why You Should Be Using Google Maps For Your Business

Google Maps, while great for directions, also serve a purpose for businesses. Google Maps provide a number of advantages for business owners which can...

How To Truly Dominate SEO By Gaining Google’s Trust

Google is suspicious a lot of the time due to the thousands of websites that still don’t keep to its rules and guidelines. In...

How To Make The Most From Google Plus In 2017

Google+ has been around for a while now, but many people still aren’t getting the most out of their Google+ account. Google+ is a...



Microsoft Settles Australian Tax Audit

According to Microsoft, they have recently signed a deal to clear their tax outflows in Australia. The deal came to terms after a huge...