Can You Control Your Home With Your Smartphone?

Closeup of digital tablet showing home control interface

Is it possible to control your home with your mobile phone? There are so many companies revolutionizing the home automation field. With the arrival of smartphones and Wi-Fi, the smart home has become cheaper and easier to use.

It may sound like science fiction, yet now you can control all the appliances in your house right from your smartphone using smart home devices. This type of technology is not too far off, especially as it allows you to control your house’s functions through your mobile phone.

Here’s how to do it:

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is connect your device to the Internet. Open a web browser and search for smart home devices and Smartphone applications. It’s best to choose a reputable company that’s reliable, affordable and has a high rating by consumer reviews.
  • Once you’ve found a company you’re comfortable with, register the Smartphone application with your personal account and start connecting your device to your Internet.
  • After you’ve connected your new gadget, you’ll be given an option to choose which home automation system you want your device to work with. This is where you’ll need to make sure that you choose the one that’s compatible with your smartphone.
  • When this is done, you’ll find that all your device settings are ready for you to change according to the Internet connection being used. Just follow the instructions to set everything up and make sure that your device is always connected.

What Can You Control With Your Smartphone?

After choosing a company to cater to your smart home devices, you can use it to control the following in your home:

1. Switch On/Off the Lights

One of the many ways smart home devices can help you is to control lights.

Several companies on the market provide home automation software and hardware that automatically lets you control your lights when you arrive home from work. Its disadvantage is you have to do this every time you leave the house. If you’re leaving at a specific time of the day, you’ll have to manually turn the lights on and off yourself to make sure they don’t get left on when you’re staying out overnight.

However, with smart home automation, you can keep all of this work to yourself and forget about it. Once your devices are set, you’ll get to know precisely when your lights go on or off.

2. Secure Your Home

Another use of smart home devices is to ensure that your security measures are always in place. With the ability to monitor your home with your smartphone, you never need to call an alarm or revisit your alarm service.

By controlling your security, you’ll know if anybody is forcibly gaining entry to your home or if they’re watching it.

If you have a wireless camera, you’ll be able to see what’s happening inside the house and even catch someone who might be trying to sneak into your home through the windows or doors.


You might think that there are limits to the features that you can get from your home automation device, but there are so many that you can enjoy. Suppose you’re interested in a more elaborate system. In that case, you can even hook up your smartphone to an alarm system and control your lights and security and be alerted by email, text message, or voice mail whenever someone tries to enter your home.

If you’re wondering if you can control your home with your mobile phone, you have many options available. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll have plenty of options.

However, it’s vital to take your time to research each company that you’re interested in before you sign up with a home automation system. You will want to make sure that the company provides quality service and products worth using.