facebook watch

With younger generation more interested in video content than any other form of content on the internet, video content is the future.

It is not a prophecy but a fact – more than 80% of the online traffic will consume video content in next few years. This is the reason all tech giants are making their moves to dominate the video content market.

Even though video content on the internet is dominated by YouTube with no major challenge so far to their supremacy, but platforms like Snapchat and Facebook are putting some serious efforts to challenge the authority of YouTube. One such move was made a week ago when Facebook introduced their new feature – Watch.

What is Facebook Watch?

Facebook has added a new subsection on their website, called Watch. A feature that is designated for video content only. In the beginning, the feature is only available for few selected users in the United States on a pilot basis, but Facebook wants to turn it into a go-to place for current YouTube users.

Just like YouTube structure videos in the form of channels, Facebook is redesigning its video tab to offer better-structured video content to viewers in the form of “shows”. The shows will contain videos that follow the same storyline or theme.

As Facebook already has data for its user preferences, the videos will be personalized according to the liking of the users and what their friends are watching. A Facebook group will be associated with each show where members can connect to friends, other users or become part of the discussion.

It looks very exciting so far for users, but producers and publishers can also use this platform to attract instant views for their videos and to find an audience.

According to the official statement published on their website, “Watch is a platform for all creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money for their work.

The structure looks slightly different from what we experience on YouTube, but most of the features are similar to YouTube with different names. As Facebook already has over 2 billion users, almost half a billion more than YouTube, Watch can become a serious threat to YouTube domination if done right.

Can Facebook Watch End the Dominance of YouTube?

So far, YouTube remained unchallenged as the most prominent video sharing platform and the top option for online viewers who seek video content. But is this about to change?

With billions of active users, Facebook’s approach is to provide personalized video content based on its members’ previous network history to attract more viewers. This can help Facebook to convert a huge chunk of its active members into regular viewers.

When YouTube allows users to find content from its huge video library using a search option, Facebook allows users to have access to more personalized content based on features like “what friends are watching” and their own account history.

On top of that, just like Netflix, Facebook will also create its own shows. This is also an advantage over YouTube but it also shows that Facebook Watch can also rival online TV like Netflix in the long run.

Up till now, most of the Facebook users switch to YouTube when they want to watch a video, but this could change quickly. Facebook is looking forward to directing active users to video content in the form of personalized recommendations when the users browse through their daily feed. A recommendation like “a video you might like” in the feed can attract a lot of eyeballs.

Simply put, challenging YouTube is not easy. It has solid 1.5 billion active users who are only interested in video content. But we can expect a good competition between the two major social media platforms, both looking to attract growing online audience that is interested in video content.