British Company Introduces a Remarkable New Technology That Can Reduce Dangerous Emissions


Britain has created an innovative new fuel technology that can dramatically save up your fuel by improving your engine’s emissions.

CGON, a British company, has created a hydrogen additive product that can decrease your emissions from your engine up to as much as 80%, which would give you up to 20% saving on your gasoline. The product has been launched after years of R&D and practical testing.

The company is claiming that this technology results in a considerable reduction in the gases that the engine emits, for example, carbon dioxide, Promethium, and others. The product is fully recyclable and is fixed inside the engine bay. It is capable of working on any kind of fossil fuel that includes petrol, diesel, and other types.

The British government has lately announced that they are going to prohibit the sale and purchase of vehicles that run on diesel and petrol by the year 2040. But, with this technology, people would still be able to sensibly use their vehicles.

The whole mechanism works by adding minute volumes of highly strong and untainted hydrogen straight into the bay compartment where it joins the fuel and air combination. As a result, an amalgam of all three comes into being which results in the creation of a highly flammable cycle because its burn is less hot in comparison to a typical blend.

This results in removing all of the waste gases, which eventually decreases the dangerous emissions to a remarkable extent. Another great benefit of this mechanism is that lesser quantity of petroleum gets consumed, which results in saving the fuel costs up to 20%.

This invention is also quite advantageous for diesel users because it puts lesser pressure on the specific filter due to the use of hydrogen additive, which helps in releasing less toxic gases.

The person who was behind the basic concept of this invention was a Fleet engineer and the company owner, Mr. Brian Sheard, who also had experience of working on atomic submarines. This invention by CGON makes use of the accurate elements for both positively and negatively charged electrodes for carrying out the process of electrolysis, which results in producing hydrogen.

The procedure results in generating plenty of hydrogen without creating any additional harmful gases. The mechanism involves the usage of a specific kind of hydrogen, known as orthodox hydrogen. This gas ignites much faster and stimulates complete incineration.

The company has named this invention as ezero, which is a whole range of products with three diverse options. First one is ezero1 which is intended for small sized engines. The second one is exert H1 which is meant for bigger automobiles. And the third one is ezero2 which is aimed for the biggest engines.