If you’ve always wanted an end to quiet the loud laundry day, then gear up for Bosch’s newest washing machine. You’re finally about to experience peace and quiet, especially if your beloved kitchen also has your dryer and washer. Bosch’s new HomeProfessional machines are the ones for you.

The HomeProfessional machines are yet another sight to behold in Bosch’s line of Home products. The washing machine is supposed to be the “quietest” of them all, which is Bosch’s answer for quite the noisy and distracting devices.

The HomeProfessional machines are composed of the WWTY887W6, which is a dryer that can be used in conjunction with the WAY287W5 washing machine. The pair is best used if consumers want quiet experiences. In a normal washing duration, the machines can go as high as 44 decibels, and a drying cycle can have the machines go 59 decibels.

The human ears have decibel limits of up to 85dB, and anything above that is dangerous for the ears. Normal washing machines reach decibels of up to 110dB, which makes the HomeProfessional machines tad a bit safer for consumers.

According to CNET, the new Bosch products also have integrated displays that are capable of touchscreen, detergent stores that auto-dispense products, and includes water sensors. Consumers of other Bosch products can also use these washers in conjunction with a special application that allows them to control the devices from afar.

The company has yet to release details as to just when consumers can expect the smart machines. If they’re made available, consumers may also need answers just where in the world will the devices be sold.

This isn’t the only product in Bosch’s newest line of smart machines, however. Consumers can also wait for Bosch’s newest washing machines. Its WDU28540 is a combination washing machine and dryer, which is convenient for those who want a machine to “do it all.” Its WUQ28440 is a compact washing machine that is extremely useful for tight and small spaces.