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How To Become Positive Mentally After A Major Back Injury


Life has its own ups and downs, and sometimes we just need to buckle up and find a way to persevere. After all, this is how a lot of life’s lessons are met. Unfortunately, this process is not always easy, especially if it’s after a personal injury. Should you experience a major back injury, fret not as there’s always a way to get back on track. Here’s a few tips how to become positive mentally after a major back injury.

Assess the Situation

Remember, perhaps the best first step in any recovery stage and in being positive about anything is understanding the situation in its entirety. In the case of a major back injury, this is first done by understanding the full extent of your injury and the parameters of your recovery.


  • You can talk to your doctor or your physician about your situation. This allows you to get the best idea on your back injury and the kind of treatment you have to undergo.
  • Realizing all these things can be overwhelming, but remember, the best way to deal with any problem is by understanding all the parameters first.


Therapy Is Not The End


Always remember that therapy is healthy, and it’s not the end of everything. Undertaking therapy is not in any way admitting weakness, but rather understanding the resources that you have and using them to the best extent. Therapy exists to help you become better and, in the case of a major back injury, make sure you recover properly.


  • Try to remember that undergoing therapy is not a sign of weakness. Everyone who’s been in an extremely tough situation can need a form of therapy – be it physical, or emotional therapy – in order to help them cope with their situation.
  • Try to accept the reality of your situation, but also remember that therapy is not the end. With enough training and practice, you will be able to get back on your feet stronger than ever. You just have to follow your doctor’s advice, be patient, and don’t be too hard on yourself.


Set New Goals


Sometimes, taking a break can be the best time when it comes to reevaluating your goals. Remember, if you have a major back injury, your priority should be recovery before actually going back to everything you were doing before. This means you have to accept the reality that there will have to be adjustments when it comes to how you should be operating and moving your body. This is best done by making sure you are aware of all the stages in your recovery, and making sure you have the right means and resources to get yourself the best recovery for your specified duration. You can then slowly work your way to a full recovery by placing specific goals you could do over time.


  • Assess your current situation. A good first step to ensure you are on your way to recovery is to understand and get a good grasp of your situation. How long would it take for you to fully recover, and what steps do you need to take in order to ensure proper recovery?
  • Remember from the above that the key here is “proper” and not “speedy” recovery. If your body can cope with the injuries faster, then that’s good, but always remember that the priority here is to get back in shape properly so you won’t have chances of more injuries. A major back injury can be a setback, but it won’t be the end of the world given the right mindset.


Take Your Time


The phrase “take your time” exists not to shame others, but because it really is a helpful phrase in any situation. When it comes to recovery, taking your time is essential to make sure you get back to the best possible condition you could ever go back to. Remember, if you want to go back to being “normal,” you have got to realize that taking time is an essential thing to ensure you can get back on track. This is in no way a sign of weakness, but rather an indication that you’d take a short break in order for you to reevaluate your situation and get back on your feet stronger than ever.


  • Recovering from an injury, like the way you get used to mastering a skill, takes time. The process can be tedious, exhausting, and frustrating, but remember that when you take your time to recover, the process will be fruitful in the end.
  • Take some time off from making yourself feel pressured to recover. Take this time to properly rest your body and mind, and to try find better ways of looking at the world from a different perspective. Read books, watch films, and slowly exercise your body better.
  • Just because you have time off doesn’t mean you have to stop learning and having “fun.” Remember, this is the perfect time for you to reassess the way you look at various things in life. That way, you can not only retrain your body after your injury, but your mind and emotions along with it. You will surely come out stronger than ever.


Returning to our daily routine may not be easy after a major back injury, but it’s not entirely impossible. Perhaps it’s a matter of mind setting and, based on the above, slow but sure recovery. The above tips hopefully gave you an idea on how to become positive mentally after a major back injury.


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