According to a report by Reuters, the motorized supplier corporation Magna International Inc. stated on Thurs that it is going to generate a mechanism, which the automobile makers will be able to use in their vehicles. The mechanism will allow the automobiles to drive on their own without the need of any immense rooftop sensors or any other thing that would stain the beauty of the vehicle.

Magna is a renowned company and is one of the numerous main motorized technology suppliers that are contending to make revenues by aiding the automobile makers to include programmed driving capabilities in their forthcoming vehicles.

A lot of automotive companies like Robert Bosch GmbH, Continental AG, Denso Corp, etc. have joined the bandwagon for working on the self-driving cars. And their competition is against the technology firms like Intel Corp and Alphabet Inc’s Waymo. So, the competition is going to be quite high.

There has been a statement made by Magna in which it said that its system named Max4 is specially generated for offering a completely independent driving through uniting cameras, ultrasonic sensors, LiDAR, and a calculating podium, all of which are built-in in the vehicle. On the other hand, other independent automobile sensor systems are dependent on the LiDAR sensors that rotate on car’s rooftop.

The automobile manufacturers are going to be in charge for finalizing the systems for enabling the independent driving. Magna has said that its structure parts are assembly ready and some of them are approximately ready. Magna further stated that Max4 could be intended in a way that will enable the drivers to switch to independent driving with just a touch of a button. And for turning it off, they will have to either hit a button or tap the brakes.