AppsFlyer Sees $56M Funding To Mobile Marketing Series C Venture


In today’s world, the mobile marketing space is a hot investment opportunity for many large corporations with the increase and growth of smart devices continuing to grow each and every year. AppsFlyer, began with a goal for businesses to measure effectively the ROI and marketing attribution of the mobile application space.

Earlier in the years, traditional companies faced challenges when it was time to bring mobile applications to the market. Companies back then could easily choose from over 2000 ad networks to really tap into. To track performance and user behaviour, companies and mobile marketers had to use over 27 sources to collect the data they needed for the best results. Because of this problem, AppsFlyer worked on solving these problems by providing a single marketing analytics and mobile attribution platform.

Fast forwarding to today, AppsFlyer announced a Series C venture funded to the tune of $56 million dollars to help unify and improve mobile marketing attributions in the future. AppsFlyer also went on to say that the funds will also help with the expansion of new technology into emerging and key mobile markets.

The company is planning to improve its investments in the North American market along with investing more into its fraud and security capabilities. With the company’s majority of active mobile devices, it’s really working on the realm of fraud detection.

With this high amount of funding to the Series C venture, it will be interesting to see how the AppsFlyer and the overall mobile marketing attribution will improve over the coming years.