Apple Might Be Eyeing Single-Subscription Service Like Amazon Prime

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Apple is on a roll this 2018, as it appears the tech giant has been considering single-subscription service offerings akin to Amazon Prime. Like the latter, Apple’s new subscription service may be combining its various plethora of services into one single offering, with various discounts, exclusive promos and offers, and other lineup of features for subscribers.

Apple fans might be surprised (or not) to find the tech giant grabbing a page off Amazon’s playbook, as it appears the iPhone inventors may actually push through with the concept of a single subscription offering.

The idea would be similar to Amazon’s Prime, whereas Apple will be combining its various magazine, original TV show, and music service offerings. It can be remembered and recognized that Amazon Prime also offers a similar selection of “exclusive” content, again including TV shows, movies, and music, and even special two-day shipping offers on merchandise that were bought from the popular retailer.

What appears to be Apple’s core strength and weakness is perhaps a push to provide a much wider range of entertainment offerings – and not just music and video – as to compensate for its lack of merchandise-for-delivery service, like Amazon. After all, if there are any plans for Apple to pursue such a venture, it may not happen anytime soon.

Interestingly, Apple is more than capable of swaying fans to avail of this special subscription service. After all, Apple has had decades’ worth of head start when it comes to enticing buyers to purchase not just one, but a plethora amongst Apple’s product line. Apple is perhaps the one company in the world that had become capable of getting customers to get not just one Apple product, but recommend its entire slate of interconnected devices such as Macs, Apple TVs, iPads, and the signature iPhone. It’s going to be hard to stop “getting out” of the Apple craze and switching to competition like Windows and Android, as Apple has a whole host of offerings that may be enough to entice the ordinary consumer.


Foray Into Subscription Service

What Apple might do as a first step will be the launch of a subscription service related to digital news. This can be hinted as early as March, when Apple has just acquired Texture, which is a distributor of digital magazines that used to offer unlimited access to various digital magazines for just one payment. Apple might use Texture to propel a digital news subscription that combines Texture with its Apple News offering.

After that, Apple may be combining its homegrown video offerings with the digital news apple 2 (1)subscription. This slowly branches off to then offer Apple Music, which can be remembered as to having as much as 40-million paying users since the service’s 2015 launch.

While Apple will definitely be a newcomer to this kind of subscription-based system, Apple has been no immediate “adaptor” of changes either. It took them years to consider creating a subscription-based service to stream music given the domination of iTunes when it comes to digitally-downloaded songs and music. Thanks to Spotify, however, Apple changed its tactics and opted for the service.

Meanwhile, Amazon has since then enjoyed of having bundled offerings. In fact, Amazon Prime as of April actually possesses over 100-million paid members globally, all of whom pay $119 a year to gain access to special offerings such as Prime Now’s 2-day-delivery program, a lot of same-day shipping options, and the Prime Video streaming offer.





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