Apple isn’t exactly quite done impressing its fans yet. Its delightful series of iPhones are still paired with other amazing gadgets to keep the Apple fan suited up for almost all aspects of their daily lives. The case is the same as the Apple iPad 2017, and its 9.7-inch variant is a small yet powerful device worthy of the Apple branding.

Apple iPad Still Has Persistent Quality, Performance

Apple fans may recall the stunning reception to the iPad back in 2010, making Apple yet again top of the rankings when it comes to their amazing gadgets. Unfortunately, Apple sales have dipped in previous years due to what appears to be a lack of “new” features for their products.

However, this year’s iPad continues the trend of previous models: better cameras, better functionality, and faster performance.

The Pros: Cheaper, Faster in 9.7-inch

Interestingly, it appears a persistent problem of Apple’s iPad devices and other gadgets is that they’re really too good to be upgraded. This is ironic, considering the real reason some companies thrive is due to persistent upgrades.

However, the iPad 2017’s 9.7-inch variant changes all of this.

Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad 2017 variant offers much faster performance and a much brighter screen compared to previous models.

  • Formally, this replaces the now-defunct iPad Air 2 in the brand’s lineup of tablets.
  • However, functionality-wise, it’s actually very close to the iPad Air, plus numerous upgrades.

Interestingly, the software and hardware are almost perfectly in-sync, making app transition and overall performance much more smooth. It sports an upgraded A9 processor, which is a slight upgrade from the iPad Air 2.

  • This iPad isn’t as fast as the iPad Pro, however, although it does seem to be a good choice for optimal gaming.

It has a 7.5mm thick base, which makes it quite a portable piece of tech. What’s more delightful is that you actually get all these features for a price that’s almost half of the iPad Pro’s (as detailed below).

The screen is significantly shinier, too. It’s 2,048 x 1,536 resolution makes it quite optimal for quality viewing, and it’s 25-percent much brighter compared to the Air 2.

  • While the iPad 2017 does lack the Air 2’s anti-reflective coating, images and video do appear much brighter.

The iPad 2017’s 9.7-inch variant also has the P3 color gamut default feature to its wide-color sheen and display, making it quite the accessory for artists and creative professionals.

The Cons: Apple Pad is Thicker, Heavier

The number of features did make the iPad 2017’s 9.7-inch variant a bit thicker than the iPad Air 2. It’s 469 grams heavy, compared to the latter’s 437 grams. It’s not that big of a deal when you hold it, but the size is considerably noticeable when you put the two devices together.

Sadly, it also doesn’t support a stylus anymore. Unlike the iPad Pro, it also lacks the same speaker performance and the better screen. What’s more, given its rather cheaper price, fans shouldn’t expect this iPad to be as good as the Pro.

  • If you really want the stylus support and the keyboard, you better opt to save some more for the Pro instead.

Of course, it’s not like Apple is the only one releasing the features of the iPad 2017 as well. Other competitors are releasing good AMOLED displays as well, and other phones are already boasting features to HDR (high dynamic range) photography and video.

If you own an Air 2 or a Pro, it might be better to skip this iPad variant. Overall, however, it still is a good all-around tablet.


The Apple iPad 2017 9.7-inch variant is a practical and more portable iteration of its popular iPad line of products. This 2017 release proves yet again that Apple can pack a lot of features even in such a small tablet, and this is certainly the option to get for those who want a portable workspace.

You can purchase the 32GB variant for $329/AU$469, its 128GB Wi-Fi for $429/AU$559, its 32GB LTE variant for $459/AU$669, and its 128GB LTE variant for $559/AU$779.

The model is definitely a bit pricey, even if you choose the lowest specs, but definitely worth it considering it’s yet another stunning piece of technology thanks to Apple’s amazing team.

Of course, fans shouldn’t expect this to be their Mac replacement, but given the stunning features of iOS 11 and the new features of the Apple iPad 2017, this 9.7-inch variant is definitely a piece to get.