Apple fans will delight in the new Apple iOS11, especially after the launch of new products courtesy of the tech giant. However, perhaps more interesting than this new approach is a brand new HEIC photo compression tech. It can definitely make the lives of a lot of photographers easier, but just what is it?

The problem stems with the fact that the amazing quality of Apple iOS11 photos have a distinct caveat. They actually take up a ton of space, more than what the phones can offer if you take a lot of pictures. This means you might have to delete more photos, or just not take pictures at all. There’s a third option, however, and that’s HEIC photo compression.

HEIC Photo Compression

This new feature comes courtesy of the HEIC image format that Apple has created for the Apple iOS11. This is the brand new software update that came to iPhones and iPads just last September. According to CNET, HEIC is a version of the HEIF, or High Efficiency Image Format.

This is the kind of format that will require less storage space versus JPEG formats. Interestingly, the HEIC photo compression also allows users to maximize the iOS11’s features.

That’s right: Apple actually added capabilities of making sure iOS11 photos are compatible with HEIC protocols. However, they also made sure to warn various app developers to take note of this conversion when making other products.

This is due to the fact that HEIC is vastly different from JPEG. This is why iOS11 will run a feature of its own that converts HEIC to JPEG when you want to upload them elsewhere or transfer files.

Unfortunately, the problem appears when we try to open HEIC in other places, such as Android phones, Windows laptops, or non-iOS11 Mac products. This is because they are still supporting JPEG products.

HEIF and HEIC won’t allow you to benefit from its various features because they’re a vastly different format than JPEG. Meaning, customizing the new formats will have you edit them solely in iOS11 products.

Apple IOS11 And Conversion

Of course, Apple has a solution for such a predicament. A lot of tools are actually available to make sure HEIC photos are more manageable. There are in fact handy online tools that freely converts HEIC into JPEG, and a lot of them are available online.

There’s also an IOS application called Half that you can purchase for $3 for phones, and $5 for the more powerful Apple Macbooks. There’s also a Windows version available.

The application allows you to “shrink” photos into JPEG files and back. It even asks you if you want to replace the old photograph with the converted version. Nifty, right?

Apple iOS11 is indeed heralding a new age of photography with smaller, more powerful HEIC photo compression tech. However, it’s also a good thing Apple is bridging the generation gap from JPEG to HEIC thanks to a number of nifty tools.