Apple Homepod

Looking a the new Apple Homepod is like looking at a giant microphone. It really does look the part, which makes you sometimes feel whether or not it really is a speaker, or if Apple’s really just joking. However, lo and behold, the Apple Homepod is perhaps a speaker that redefines 360 degree entertainment.

Apple Provides Your Best Portable Speaker
The Homepod brandishes quite a unique look for an Apple product. What you expect might be tad a bit sleek and sophisticated is remarkably plain. It does bear the signature practical motif of Apple products: it is in itself a surround speaker, so it makes sense that the speaker surrounds the core body. It’s a beauty in itself.

Homepod is a Smarter Speaker
The HomePod is “smart” in such a way that it first must assess surfaces near you. It releases sounds at a 360 degree beam, which allows it to identify objects on the way that may disperse the quality of sound.

  • HomePod is also connected to your phone, which means you need to walk around so it can assess the sound with your microphone.
  • The cool thing is that it actually “syncs” with other speakers to make sure the two devices are actually working together properly.

When it comes to performance, even Apple’s newest brainchild takes the cake. The HomePod easily outclasses competitors such as the Amazon Echo ($180) and the Sonos Play:3 ($299). Although this is fair considering the $349 price for the HomePod.

Users may experience a much pleasant experience coupled with softer basses, well radiated sound, and perhaps distortion free audio. The device itself is just below seven inches.

Siri Included
Not only that, but the HomePod comes equipped with its own Siri, meaning you are now able to use the voice assistant to answer queries the same way the Google Home and the Amazon Echo does.

  • However, you have Siri and the entire Apple Music catalog with almost four million songs at your disposal.
  • Given Siri’s presence, it will now be able to do voice based commands. If it rolls out with the iOS 11, then it’s going to be much faster at recognizing its name, and would be more capable of configuring its acoustics automatically.

You may have to wait for it in late 2017 in Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States, which means chances are you’d be getting it around Christmas. It’s priced at $349, which is a bit pricey for a speaker.


The Apple Homepod is definitely a new face in the line of Apple products. After all, when we’re so used to iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks, we barely have room to fully appreciate Apple in its splendor. The Homepod is yet again another work of impressive genius on the part of Apple, and it’s definitely a must have in your entertainment system.