Amazon To Open Second Amazon Go Store In Seattle – Why Is Cashier-Less Shopping Appealing?

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Seattle will be site to the second ever Amazon Go store this Fall 2018. This makes it the second in the world to have a cashier-less service. Why is Amazon banking on cashier-less services, and is it really as appealing as Amazon suggests it’s going to be?

It appears Amazon will be expanding its specialized Amazon Go service, which is a supermarket that doesn’t need a cashier in order to function. Amazon has confirmed the placement of such a store in Seattle, which fans and grocers can expect to arrive this fall of 2018.

This arrival seems to follow in Amazon’s footsteps of slowly rolling out its slate of fresh and new retail stores, with other new locations in the works such as in San Francisco and Chicago, though the branches in these locations have yet to have an official release date. Regardless, the hype is on for the Seattle supermarket as it appears it’s going to be twice as large as the current Amazon Go store. Numbers say it’ll be at around a whopping 3,000 square feet which, compared to the 1,800 square feet location, does add a whole lot of room for fun and experimentation for grocers.

The first Amazon Go store opened also just this year, which in its own way looks a bit like 7-Eleven or other convenience stores.

mdm - amazon goIn Amazon Go, customers can simply just go to the store and scan their phones upon entering. With Amazon Go’s numerous cameras and sensors, the store will be able to track customers around the vicinity automatically, being able to detect just what they are grabbing and being able to charge them according to what they’ve gotten. They don’t even need to check out – because there are no checkout lines, and there are even no cashiers in the first place.  

The concept behind Amazon Go is to just allow customers to buy and purchase items automatically without even stopping to pay, because Amazon automatically charges everything on their cards. This “store of the future” from Amazon appears to have been five years in the making, with 2018 being the year it finally gets to show itself to the world.

The first Amazon Go is located also in Seattle, on Seventh Avenue. This location’s opening this year was a year later than the original 2017 opening – although it’s still gotten the interest of a lot of onlookers because of the technology it’s produced.

From the outset, the store vaguely resembles a convenience store if it got itself a high-tech makeover. Imagine it being laid out the same way a Pret a Manger shop would be, outfitted with tech only a powerhouse would make. In this case, said tech powerhouse is Amazon, who also just made two-day shipping and one-click buying the norm.

When entering the store, there are thousands of selections of ready-to-eat dinners, lunches, and breakfast, as well as beverages, sandwiches, and salads. Amazon Go also has a healthy selection of wine and beer, and even meat and produce, and even its own separate meal kits. One section is also aside for nuts, cookies, and chips.

However, fans and enthusiasts will likely go there for the technology – because it takes “convenience in convenience store to a whole new level. Of course, while there are no cashiers in the store, there are still workers in the store. There’s a greeter by the entrance where the ID checker is also located, and at least six other employees are inside the kitchen.

When Amazon Go was conceived by Amazon Go tech chief Dilip Kumar, the problem to solve really was how to make convenience better – and they realized people really hated to wait in line. So as a solution, grocers just need to have the Amazon Go app on their phones and have it scanned upon entering the store – and now they can shop without ever having the need to go to a cashier. Their Amazon account is instantly and automatically charged for the stuff they took. There are shelf sensors and cameras that helps Amazon’s computer system connect your phone, yourself, and the shelves in order to make sure you’re priced properly upon checkout.

Perhaps the real test, however, is when it’s a normal shopping day and a lot of people are grabbing items all at once. Though there’s yet to be reports that there were any delays or mishaps throughout an entire day at Amazon Go.




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