Amazon Echo Now Calls Mobile Phones, Landlines Free of Charge


If you think the Amazon Echo is just Amazon’s idea for cylindrical wireless speakers, you’re wrong. When Amazon released the Echo-to-Echo calling feature, it seemed like a good move. Now, Echo can call anyone, anywhere – provided they have a mobile number. And did we mention it’s free of charge?

This is surprising development as, after all, Amazon has just rolled out a calling feature for Amazon Echo devices. Back then, any Echo can only call other Echo users through this feature.

Calls Free of Charge, Echo Connect

The announcement came courtesy of Amazon’s brand convention, where the hit online seller has proved it’s brought its A-Game in terms of tech. According to CNET, Amazon rolled out this new feature alongside the announcement of its new line of Echo products.

Numerous features have come with the new “update” of sorts. For instance, users can now call any number with the Echo device thanks to Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant. It appears Amazon Echo allows users to call most hotlines in the United States, Mexico, or Canada. Interestingly, the Echo doesn’t allow calls to 911 unless they are using the Amazon Echo Connect.

Either way, this still allows you to use Alexa in the Echo to call anyone in your phone book. Of course, this is provided the Alexa app access to it. Alexa will always verify calls you want to make before making them, and you the mobile phone number will be included and indicated on the Echo as the ID.

If you already liked the idea of the Echo as a speakerphone, then might as well put $35 for an Echo Connect. This allows Amazon to tap into your phone service, making your landline the Echo’s ID in itself. This allows you to receive calls through the Echo Connect and add the feature to call 911.

The Connect will be shipping nationwide in December.