How To: Amazing Green Screen WIth Lightworks


If you’ve always been amazed with how people do tricks with green screen in film, did you know you’re also very much capable of doing the same thing? That’s right, with an application such as Lightworks, you are now capable of making amazing green screens for your own creative videos.

Why Lightworks?

There are a lot of free software available that can edit videos for you, but when it comes to chroma keying, Lightworks is the tool for you.

  • Lightworks has a very simple to follow interface which allows you to simply play with the features to get the video you want and need.
  • For a free software, Lightworks actually has a ton of awesome features that go well with the green screen you want to use.

Chroma Keying?

Chroma keying is what people call adding effects to a subject that is playing in front of a blue screen or a green skin. This effectively makes the background of a person transparent and free for editing.

  • This allows us to superimpose other backgrounds or video onto the subject at hand.
  • This technology is widely used in a lot of films and television. Actors tend to be filmed in the front of colored backdrops, replaced with other shots. Here’s how to do the same using Lightworks.
  1. Record Away!

The first step of course is to make sure you are able to record your video first. It can be any video, but you have to make sure your or the subject is wearing something substantially different than the screen you’re using.

  • It’s best to use a green or a blue backdrop to shoot in. If you’ve seen broadcasters’ ties go transparent, this is because they wore a shade that is close to the backdrop.
  • You can make your own custom backdrop with a large sheet, or a sheet, or even a big card.
  • If you want to make videos more than once, you can buy backdrops that are fit for chroma keying that will only cost around US $40. You can also use these for photography purposes!

However, remember, that you should always consider lighting when shooting. It doesn’t matter if you have the best green screen backdrop, but if you have a background that’s awful because of lighting, then the green screen is useless.

  1. Import, And Then Trim

If you’re using these videos for free use, then you can download Lightworks for free. However, if you plan on using it for more than a month, then it’s best to register for an account. Don’t worry, it’s free!

  • Choose the “Create A New Project” and then provide it with a good name that you want.
  • Select an appropriate frame rate that is the same as with your original video. You can check this by right clicking the video and then selecting the Details button.
  • You then click the Edit and you can drag the video from the Project Contents section to the V1 track towards the timeline on the bottom.
  • The fun part is that, if you have unwanted footage before the footage begins or ends, you also have the option to trim those clips out.
  • You can then right click the preview window that is marked Sequence 1. You can then select Tracks, and then Add Video. You now add the actual video clip into the V1 track, and then the still from V2.
  • Along the V2 track, click the right end of the footage and extend it until it’s of the same length as your V1.
  1. The Fun Part: Green Screen!

This is where the fun part starts: the green screen! When you choose the VFX portion, you can then select your V1 track along the timeline, then click the plus button.

  • You can find the Favorites drop down menu and select the keyword Key, and then choose Green Screen.
  • You can then select Add Effect, which adds an entirely new portion of settings on the color correction.
  • The awesome part is you can actually eyedrop your green screen into the background you desire to remove.
  • You can slide down or up the Luminance and Saturation slides to make sure if fits the setting of your green or blue screen.
  • The Remove Spill option will also allow you to add a purplish color that can help remove the greenish tones in the areas.
  1. Edit And Tweak To Perfection

You can also use the other tools available within Lightworks to make changes such as color correction, or if you want to crop portions in the overall video.

  • When you’re done, you can return back to the Edit bar, then right click along the previous window.
  • Choose Export, and you will see two options. If you choose the free Lightworks’ YouTube and Video option, you can save your video into an MP4 format fit for downloading.


Thanks to free tools such as Lightworks, you are now capable of adding amazing green or blue screen effects to your videos. What are you waiting for? Shoot your videos now and create amazing works!