Apple fans and privacy enthusiasts may have come to blows after the recent iPhone X reveal by the tech giant. This is especially at the Face ID feature, which replaces Touch ID for face recognition. However it seems Chinese traders are already on it as multiple sellers already feature “masks” that apparently protects users of the feature.

These products may have entered the market after concerns about the face recognition feature in general. It still does, after all, offer slight chances of not recognizing faces of their owners. This is especially those concerned of thieves unlocking phones while owners are asleep, although this is unlikely as the Face ID has apparently been programmed not to work with closed eyes.

Regardless, as per The Verge, these masks come in numerous features, shapes, and sizes. There are masks that cover the face entirely, there are those that cover the eyes, and those that leave everything but the eyes.

Interestingly, these products may of course just be product names for the sake of attracting potential customers thanks to the power of search engine optimization. After all, if you are worried about prying eyes on your new iPhone, you may just simply enable your passcode instead of the Face ID.