It’s a big day for tech enthusiasts and smartphone fans as the Apple PowerbyProxi acquisition may make big waves in terms of wireless charging.

The acquisition was confirmed by New Zealand publication Stuff, although the financial specifics were not exactly elaborated upon.

It can be remembered that New Zealand-based PowerbyProxi is known for its wireless charging devices. The acquisition can allow Apple to have its wireless charging options adapted to Apple products. We may be able to see newer smartphones and tablets that have no need for physical docks and charging ports.

According to CNET, Dan Riccio of Apple told Stuff this acquisition brings Apple one step closer to what they call a “wireless future.”

Wireless Products Thanks to Apple, PowerbyProxi

In fact, Apple’s foray into the wireless charging playing field is fresh for both tech enthusiasts and hardcore Apple fans. The new iPhone army – consisting of the 8, 8 Plus, and X – all have the Qi wireless-power efficiency that Samsung’s flagship Galaxy devices have.

It seems aside from this wireless standard, Apple wants to up the ante in the already impressive features of the products. The new iPhone products feature an efficient camera along with a ton of new creative features for photographers. Both casual and heavy users will find comfort in the powerful firmware that comes with the iOS 11 update, and users will love the sheer power the devices offer.

PowerbyProxi, however, can completely change the game. It can be remembered that the company was actually formed a decade before, all aiming for technology that is completely wireless. This means smartphones, gadgets, and other devices will no longer have ports for charging.

One of their first products is the Proxi-Module, which is a wireless-power system that can adapt its settings to fit other products. Apple said the company is likely to remain in New Zealand following the acquisition.