Social media giant Twitter is set to share the identity of Russia political posts makers and buys to the public. This is amid the controversy surrounding Russia’s alleged involvement in the recent United States Presidential elections. The move coincides with a commitment to increased transparency on all of Twitter’s fronts.

According to CNET, the soon-to-be reveal has been the result of “pressure” from various concerned parties that social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook have been the target of Russia political posts. The Twitter reveal was officially announced by Bruce Falck, which is the site’s general manager of revenue product and engineering.

Newer Policies, Quick Rundown

The announcement also introduces plans to include what appears to be a “Transparency Center” on Twitter. This is just one of what appears to be new policies when it comes to privacy and security.

The Transparency Center will now reveal advertisements as “advertisements,” included ads that are “promoted early.” There will be statistics as well to how long a particular ad has been running, and if an ad targets users.

This means buyers and makers of the Russia political ads will also be included in this reveal.

Fans have commended this action, with politicians such as Senator Mark Warner of the United States among those who praised this step.

It can be remembered that critics and some concerned citizens and groups have told the Russian government has been allegedly involved in “manipulating” citizens into dissent, which has affected the results of the final voting in the elections. Suspicions to this increased when groups such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest have opened up to behavior including the Russia political posts. It can be remembered that Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, has won the recent election.